Where to visit for challenging & beating the Odds in the UK

Football has grown so much whether on or off the pitch. In recent years, there has been a large pool of websites which offer an opportunity to place bets and take advantage of certain odds to win bets whether in football or other sports. Keep in mind you can now place odds on almost anything from who will be the first scorer in a specific match, to who scores more goals by half-time as well as the typical takes such as a season’s top scorer, who wins the title or cup as well as a match’s full-time score.

It doesn’t take much effort to try your hand at UK sports betting with the sheer number of sports on offer, but it would always be advised to gain an understanding of how it works before jumping in with both feet. Through betting, not only do a lot of punters gain some hefty returns in the money they win, but they also find some enjoyment through having a small punt on something they’ve got a gut feeling about. Betting must always be done responsibly so with that in mind, we’ve provided some pointers for any novices:

Pick your sport but don’t limit yourself to just one

With UK sports betting, the freedom of choice through the sheer number of sports to bet on has made it more tempting to get involved but it’s also more difficult to decide where to focus your attention. Whether you’re into tennis, golf, cricket, formula 1 or American football, there will be selections and markets that you’re likely to take an interest in.

That being said, it would be foolish to only focus on one sport when there’s so many other alternatives too. It’s advised to never bet on anything you aren’t completely aware of but after learning how one sport works, you could broaden your horizons on another.

Don’t bet until you’ve assured the best odds

Placing your bets at the biggest bookmaker odds also means being able to receive the most amount of returns if it wins. When you consider it this way, you realise how much it’s worth taking a few minutes out of your time to get the best price. All you need to do is compare the odds for your chosen market on as many bookie sites as possible to make sure you’re not missing out on any hidden prices elsewhere.

Become engrossed in multi-sports betting

Although it’s likely that you’d be more experienced with betting before you reach this step, multi-sports betting is an interesting way of making a stronger bet, and it could even reward you with more returns. Not only does this include betting on more than one sport but also being open to mixing your sports selections to make a far more bolstered tip like the Mixed Accumulators that can be found on the TeamFA website.

Reflect your bets with friends and experienced sites

After building your own UK sports betting tip that’s made up of several different sports, you’ll need to see how likely it is to win. This can be done not only by doing your own research surrounding every selection, but also by comparing your sports tips with other websites. 


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