How to get into the best Football colleges

As a young high school student who loves playing football, you might start dreaming about studying at one of the best football colleges out there. This would be a huge step up from your high school team’s football games, and a unique opportunity to get a top-notch education while playing more professionally for a college football team. However, the recruitment and admissions process is not as easy as you may think.

If you’re interested in getting into a good football college, we’ve got some important facts to line up for you. Keep reading to learn where to start and how to secure a spot in one of the best football colleges.

  1. Prepare Mentally & Physically

Before you dig any deeper into this process, you should first make sure that you’re prepared to become a college football player. It is a huge commitment and a serious challenge, both mentally and physically.

The coaches and other admissions officers will want to make sure you’re up for the challenge. But before they do, you’ll need to be sure you know what you’re signing up for.

There’s going to be:

  • early practice

  • a lot of traveling

  • constant training sessions

  • missing out on social events

  • lack of free time

If you’re aware of the challenges and are sure that’s what you want, go ahead and keep reading.

  1. Get an Early Start

If you’re reading this article, it means you’re already interested in becoming a part of a football college. And, the sooner you start working on it, the better.

Many players who are interested in getting into a great football college start working on it by sophomore year in high school. By this time, you should:

  • get exposure by playing for a well-known club or high school team

  • get in touch with coaches on the colleges you’re thinking about

  • work on your football skills restlessly

Getting an early start will help you secure a spot on a college team. So, don’t wait long before you start writing an email or reaching out to coaches.

  1. Get Your Grades Up

Your high school grades will certainly help you get into a great football college. The higher your academic achievements, the better.

So, if you’re having trouble with getting good grades, step it up and find a way to improve them. You can get help from a tutor, team up with a fellow student to study together, or use different online resources. For example, the best essay writing service could be of huge assistance. Study harder and get your grades up.

  1. Get an Honest Opinion

You need to be aware that the competitiveness in the college football recruitment process is going to be high. There are so many young players such as yourself trying to get into that team.

That is why you need extra support from the people you trust.

We strongly suggest that you:

  • have an honest conversation with your current coach

  • get a professional opinion about your skills, strengths, and weaknesses

  • work on becoming a better player and proving you can continue to grow

Determination and a winning attitude are highly appreciated, so get real and start working.

  1. Create an Impressive Recruiting Video

Once you’re in the recruitment process, you’re going to reach a point in which they ask you to send a recruiting video. The video is supposed to show your:

  • work on the field

  • best moves

  • teamwork

  • dedication and love for the sport

  • athletic abilities

This means you should regularly record all your club tournaments and games long before this moment comes. Gather the best materials and show what you have to offer. In case you need to write a motivational letter to follow, WritingUniverse can inspire you to write a great one. You want to show you’re one of a kind in every sense.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, getting into a great football college is a long and exhausting process. Still, if that’s your ultimate dream, nothing should stop you from achieving it.

Use the tips we’ve shared and work hard on securing a spot in a college football team.

Author’s Bio

Elizabeth Baldridge is a college admissions counselor and a content writer. She writes about the challenges of different admissions processes, winning scholarships, and helping international students. Elizabeth is an expert in essay writing and can assist you with your academic challenges.

5 Tips to do better at Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is one of the most popular games out there, and it has become a global phenomenon, with most football leagues now having a fantasy section. It is not only about watching football, but there is a certain amount of skill required and the main advice given is that you should not behave like a fan. Playing fantasy football of any league requires you to think like a manager. Here are few tips to improve your game.

How to do well at fantasy football

Watch the actual games and know the players you pick

Don’t select players based on your actual team loyalty; choose them based on what they can do and what they have been doing on the pitch. Unless you know the players that you have purchased inside out and have the luck for them not to get injured long term during the season, then doing well at Fantasy football can be hard work.

Choose your captain with care

In the same vein, you must choose the right captain for your fantasy team. It should be a player that you feel will play every week, but also who will have an impact on the field, either scoring goals or making goal-saving tackles. Those double points earned can be crucial, so choose with care.

Focus on all aspects of the game

The most exciting players have traditionally been the forwards and midfielders, but think about your defense, and they will go a long way to keeping you in contention. Most good football teams are built from the defense up, be them fantasy or actual teams.

Expect to pay for quality players

Look for bargains as some players can be found for less than what you value them. But be sure to keep some money to spend on the big-name stars that consistently perform. They will be certain starters and will make points for your team week in and week out.

Keep abreast of the latest game news

Match and league news as well as all the player stats, are an essential component of a successful fantasy football team. You don’t have to spend hours doing your weekly research, but you must spend some time every week watching games and reading a few of the articles on the fantasy league that you are in to ensure that you know what’s going on and can make management decisions to keep your team as strong as it can be.

Indeed, fantasy football is an online game that requires more hard work than most other online games, such as those at . Some would argue that the casino would be just as much fun or more. But for those who enjoy the process of research and football strategy, the game of fantasy football is enthralling and exciting. With a win of the fantasy league being noted as just as good as a jackpot at the casino. Both are games where luck is important.

Fantasy football is also a game of skill, and yet there is definitely a substantial element of luck involved. You don’t know when your players will be injured, who the actual manager will pick on the day, and whether the players you have chosen are skilled enough to earn you points. The tips above will ensure that you do your best and remember to have fun doing so.

Easiest way to stream Live Football on your mobile phones

Football is a game which is loved and watched by just about anyone. People are more fond of Football because it gives great sensations, entertainment, passion, and emotions. Most importantly, it is a decision-making game, just like chess. Football and chess are very similar, and some techniques can fit easily into practice with the other. You may have known Simen Agdestein, who is the best chess coach and by profession, he is a footballer. So we have learned that the players are improving their decisions and reading games, which attracts people more to this sport.

The last World Cup was in 2018, and the competition takes place every four years, with fans desperately waiting for it. To watch high-quality football shows, you don’t need to wait for the World Cup. Competitive matches take place almost every week. There are elite competitions such as the English Premier League, the Champions League, and a few other major European Leagues. Now the sports lovers can enjoy watching their favourite teams on the live football streaming apps quickly.

The streaming apps on the list below provide the easiest way to stream live football matches on your mobile phones:

#1. Mobdro App

It is one of the best mobile streaming Andriod, iphone, and PC apps. It allows you to watch your favourite Live TV shows and lives sports like Football, cricket, and many more. It contains high-quality video ranging from 720p to 1080p. Mabdro is among the ten best popular live-streaming apps, where you can watch a football match without any interruption of ads.

#2. Star Times, Live TV, and Football

It is another easy way for football fans to get a chance to watch football matches from different leagues. Adding more to it, it also allows you to watch 400 plus channels and doesn’t restrict you in anything. Besides the live broadcast, there is the best latest news from the world of Football. If you are planning to watch a football match and are afraid to forget it, you can set a reminder, and the app will send you the notification when the game starts. Wherever you are can always have this little TV on your mobile.

#3. Fubotv, Stream Live Sports

This app gives the live streaming of different kinds of sports. But here, if we talk about Football only, this app has some decent features That make it stand out from the crowd. You will be able to access more than 65 channels. The most popular ones are CBS, CBS sports network, FOX, NBC, NFL Network, and many more. It highlights every critical event from the sports. The app has 30 hours of DVR space so that if you miss any show, you can watch it later.

#4. Live Sports TV, Football HD Stream

This app allows all the TV channels from all around the world to be on your mobile phone. This mobile app has Live streaming from UK, USA, Italy, and Asia. You can watch all the sports events live. And if you are a football fan, this app will not let you miss any show related to Football because it allows setting notifications to remind you about the new matches.

#5. ESPN

If you are looking for the best live streaming app to watch Football live matches, then ESPN that will allow you to watch the live games is one of the most popular live-streaming apps. The app has many well-built channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN classic. The app remains active 24 hours and gives updates about the matches every time. You can use this app on Android, iphone, or even on PC.

#6 Socal Media app Live

Adding more to the live streaming, now you can also use the social apps to watch the Football matches Live, such as on Facebook Live, Instagram Live stories. These apps also have features to notify you about the live show when it starts, and you can also watch the live recordings later. Today, almost everyone used social apps, which can be the easiest way to watch live football matches.

Wrapping Up!

A special thanks to mobile devices technology, the mobile live-streaming apps allow everyone to enjoy watching their show anywhere if you are outside, you can sit anywhere and watch the show. Several live-streaming apps are introduced, which will enable you to watch your favourite shows on your mobile devices. These apps have different features like a reminder notification, giving match results, and many more. The apps are being used in both Android and iphones and even on PC too.

How have Bayern Munich performed in the Champions League against English teams?

As one of Europe’s biggest clubs and the current holders of the Champions League, it’s no real surprise that Bayern Munich have had their fair share of games against English clubs in what is Europe’s premier club competition.

Here’s how they’ve fared in those ties. One of the most infamous clashes that Bayern have had with an English club in recent years has to be their four games over a period of a few years against Arsenal in Champions League Round of 16. In one of those ties, Arsenal actually beat Bayern in the home league by two goals to nil thanks to an effort from Olivier Giroud as well as a last-gap goal from Mesut Ozil.

Despite that high point, things haven’t gone well for Arsenal since then, which is
reflected by the Premier League odds online as they aren’t one of the favourites to finish in the top six.

Considering where the Gunners used to be by way of their consecutive qualification for the Champions League under Arsene Wenger despite calls from rival fans that Arsenal were boring as a result, it has been a rather notable fall from grace. A catalyst for such has to be the thrashing that Bayern gave the Gunners in 2017 when the Germans beat the red side of London 10-2 over the Round of 16 stage, winning 5-1 in both legs; this was despite the fact Arsenal took the lead in the home leg through Theo Walcott before Bayern scored five in the last thirty-five minutes of the game.

Bayern have faced an English club in a Champions League final, although they did rather famously lose to a Chelsea side featuring the likes of Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard. The final has gone down in history as one of the more intense and interesting of recent years, going right down to the wire with late goals from Thomas Muller and Didier Drogba sending the game into extra time and eventually into a penalty shootout. It would also be the Ivorian who converted the all-important fifth penalty that gave Chelsea the win.

However, their own victory was short-lived as during the competitions it allowed them to
gain to, namely the Club World Cup and the UEFA Super Cup, Chelsea lost both of those ties, against Corinthians in the Club World Cup and Atletico Madrid in the Super Cup.

Intriguingly, Bayern have tasted Champions League success on English soil, beating a
Borussia Dortmund side then managed by Jurgen Klopp in a 2-1 win at the home of English football.

It’s definitely fair to say that much like any club involved in European football, Bayern’s
results have been rather mixed on the continental stage. However, considering that they did win the 2020 edition of the tournament, there doesn’t look to be many clubs in Europe better than Bayern, although they have a tough task on their hands if they want to hold on to the trophy.

Cracks in Chelsea’s foundations reappear after shocking West Brom defeat

Chelsea fans around the globe would have been having terrible flashbacks on Saturday afternoon as relegation threatened West Brom ran the Blues ragged at Stamford Bridge. To say it was an embarrassing afternoon in west London would be an understatement.

With Thiago Silva sent for an early shower after two yellow cards inside the first 30 minutes, Sam Allardyce’s side went on to thrash Thomas Tuchel’s 10 men. Matheus Pereira’s double fired the visitors into a 2-1 lead before the break, whilst a brace from Callum Robinson and a strike from Mbaye Diagne followed in the second half.

Perhaps under the reign of Lampard, the result would have been hard to fathom but still somewhat believable. Yet since Tuchel’s arrival in January, nobody would have seen the result coming by any stretch of the imagination. It’s certainly a wake-up call for the Blues, who were on a 14-game unbeaten streak.

Worryingly, however, some of the cracks that the German boss seemed to immediately paper over when he replaced Lampard at the helm reappeared, both on the pitch and in the aftermath.

Tuchel had made Chelsea defensively solid, a trait they lacked under Lampard. Yet they were torn apart by the Baggies, who had only scored 20 times in 29 league outings prior to their trip to Stamford Bridge. Of course, the red card shown to Silva played its part. However, attacking midfielder Hakim Ziyech was sacrificed for centre-back Andreas Christensen to help Chelsea at the back almost immediately after the sending off.

One of the major tasks that faced the former Paris Saint-Germain boss when he arrived at the club was to get Timo Werner firing. But he has scored just one goal under Tuchel, and that was against Newcastle back in mid-February. Getting Kai Havertz back on form is also proving to be a difficult task.

Off the pitch, there are clearly rifts as well. Tammy Abraham hasn’t featured for the Blues since their 1-1 draw away to Southampton on February 20th. An apparent injury has played its part in that. However, Abraham has returned to training, but still can’t make it into Tuchel’s matchday squads, which has led to rumours of a potential falling out between the new gaffer and the 23-year-old.

That aside, news broke from The Telegraph on Sunday that Antonio Rüdiger, who was cast out by Lampard before being brought back into the fold by Tuchel, had been involved in a training ground bust-up with out-of-favour goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Tuchel confirmed that things ‘got heated’ between the pair after a reported late tackle on the goalkeeper from the centre-back and it is believed that Rüdiger was dismissed from the session due to his actions. After bringing the dressing room closer following similar situations under Lampard, this was the last thing Chelsea fans would have wanted to read in the Sunday papers as the race for a top four spot heats up.

In his first 14 games in charge, Tuchel turned around Chelsea’s season and made them much more favourable in the Premier League winner odds. However, he must now ensure that his side can bounce back from this and prove that the defeat against West Brom was a one-off freak result. The last thing he will want to do is miss out on the lucrative Champions League spots.

Nat Phillips and Ozan Kabak: What does the Future hold for them at Liverpool?

Liverpool’s defensive issues have been well documented over the past few months. Shortly after Virgil van Dijk suffered a season-ending injury against Everton in October 2020, Jurgen Klopp also lost Joe Gomez and Joel Matip for the rest of the 2020-21 campaign. The German manager experimented with Fabinho and Jordan Henderson at the back, before the latter tore his groin.

With a lack of options, the Reds sealed a loan-to-buy deal for Ozan Kabak in January. His recent partnership with Nat Phillips has given Liverpool supporters optimism for the business end of the season. Few can argue that the pair aren’t doing a respectable job in the short term, but their long-term futures are up in the air. So, what will Klopp do with Phillips and Kabak?

The Most Unlikeliest of Partnerships

At the start of the campaign, Liverpool supporters would never have believed that a fringe squad player and a loan purchase from bottom-of-the-league Schalke would be keeping their season on track. Although the Reds have fallen well short in defending their title, a top-four finish isn’t out of the question. As of April 6th, Liverpool are 10/11 in football betting to finish in the top four this season. If the Reds hope to qualify for the 2021-22 Champions League through the Premier League, Kabak and Phillips may hold the key.

Prior to Kabak’s substitution against Arsenal in the Reds’ three-goal victory at the Emirates, he and Phillips had played together for 263 minutes. As a result, this made them the club’s longest-serving partnership this season. Liverpool’s unexpected central defensive pairing kept clean sheets in their first four games together against Sheffield United, RasenBallsport Leipzig, Wolves, and Arsenal.

The Reds Have Decisions to Make

There can be no doubts that Kabak and Phillips have brought some much-needed solidity to Liverpool’s season. However, things could have been very different for the Bolton-born defender. In the 2020 summer window, the Reds allowed Phillips to talk to Swansea ahead of a loan move, but the Swans instead opted to pursue other targets. The 24-year-old’s contract at Anfield doesn’t expire in 2021, and with Gomez, Matip, and Van Dijk set to return next season, Phillips may once again find his opportunities limited.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kabak, on the other hand, is playing for his Liverpool career. The Reds aren’t obliged to pay the £18 million fee to make the Turkish international’s loan move permanent. Despite impressing after quickly adapting to a new club, country, and league, Klopp’s team are in talks to sign Ibrahima Konate from RB Leipzig. Although the deal isn’t near completion, it raises question marks over Kabak’s future. Along with Gomez, Matip, and Van Dijk, do the Reds need both Kabak and Konate? That said, one thing is for sure; if the six-time Champions of Europe go for both, a repeat of this season’s crisis is avoidable.

Football is a Game of Opportunities

Few would have expected Liverpool to end the 2020-21 season with Kabak and Phillips in defence. While that’s not a reflection of their talents, it instead speaks volumes of the standards that supporters expect at Anfield. As a partnership, they may not take Liverpool to the title or a seventh Champions League triumph, but they have given hope to the Anfield faithful.


La Liga Game Week 28: What to expect from the top teams

The La Liga Santander title race is heating up at just the right moment, with Atletico Madrid dropping points, Barcelona picking up steam, and Real Madrid hanging on. Los Blancos are six points behind leaders Atletico Madrid but head into game week 28 with a boost after the return of Sergio Ramos and the fine form of Karim Benzema. The odds for this week’s games will be stacked. This week is a higjly anticipated week for sports in general, including, where some of the world’s finest in horse racing as the Cheltenham Festival, one of the most prestigious in the world, currently races on.

Atletico Madrid are lucky to still have a cushion at the top of the table because Simeone’s men have only two wins in their last five games, and their loss to Chelsea in the Champions League confirms their poor form. The Rojiblancos will look to bounce back this weekend when they face Alaves who sit in eighteenth place and are battling relegation.

Alaves are on a poor run of their own, with four defeats and a draw in their last five matches. Their position in the table means they have a chance to fend off relegation, meaning they might be a problem for Atletico if Simeone’s men do not play at their best. Barcelona have the best form of the top three, and seem reinvigorated after the voting of Joan LaPorta back as president of the club.

Lionel Messi seems to have particularly benefitted from the move as the Argentine has found his scoring touch once again. Now out of the Champions League, the Blaugrana have all their energy to invest in the pursuit of Atleti and the La Liga crown. That pursuit continues in game week 28 when they face Real Sociedad on Sunday. Playing away to Sociedad has always been difficult for Barca, but an in form Messi will no doubt be a welcome sight.

Four wins in the last four games have Koeman’s men four points behind Atleti. One huge factor may be the El Clasico which is set to play next month. The winner of that game may well be the last real threat to Atletico and the Blaugrana will be keen on reestablishing their dominance over Madrid with a win. Real Madrid are six points adrift but just two behind Barcelona, meaning any slip up from the Catalans will see their rivals overtake or draw level with them, with the Derby fast approaching.

Madrid needed late-game heroics from striker Karim Benzema to get all three points but given their solid form and the boost of Ramos’ return, Los Blancos should be able to handle the task of handling a pesky midtable team in Celta Vigo. This is always a tricky game for Zidane’s men, but with the title at stake, there should be a burning desire to get on the front foot from the kick off. Real have looked solid in recent weeks, and have most of their key players back in the lineup again. Still in the chase for Champions League glory, Zizou’s men may have more to do than the other two teams ahead of them but that is part of the usual expectations at Madrid, one the team is very capable of handling.

How a blank Gameweek 29 will affect your team!

The season is steady drawing to a close and for FPL addicts like us, it has been quite a ride and we have been rolled with it until now. Game week 29 is what we call a blank, meaning some teams will not be playing at all. There will only be a total of four matches, and eight teams in action.

If ever there was a time to think of drawing a joker, including a Ladbrokes promo code, now is the time because it may be a telling week going forward, especially if you fall in the trap of making one particular hasty decision.

A blank week just before a final stretch of eight game weeks is not the most ideal of positions because it forces you to make changes that may be irrevocable to your team or at the very least have consequences down the line. In the matches for the game week, Fulham take on a reeling Leeds team that will be eager to right their ship after a string of hard-to-digest losses.

Patrick Bamford will be the talk of the day, after picking up an injury early on in the last game. He is the third most owned player in FPL and is still uncertain for Friday’s game. Leeds goalkeeper Illan Meslier is hitting on some good form and a favourable run of games should see him continue to thrive. In Saturday, Brighton and Hove Albion face a scrappy Newcastle side that broke hearts last week by snatching a last-minute draw against Villa (Martinez owners felt this one). Dunk, Gross, and Maupay are the players to watch out for in Brighton, while Lascelles seems to be picking up a nice bit of form for Newcastle.

On Sunday, another London Derby will be in the works for Arsenal as they take on West Ham. Arsenal is looking resurgent and should be sky high in confidence after taking down Tottenham last week. Mikel Arteta was not clear on how long captain Aubameyang will be out due to disciplinary sanctions but Lacazette looked good enough for any Frontline, meanwhile, West Ham have been this season’s surprise team and will have Lingard back in the lineup after missing out last week against parent club Manchester United. Finally, Aston Villa will take on a Tottenham side that may be without the most owned player in FPL, Hueng Min Son. The Korean picked up a muscle injury against Arsenal and was force d to come off.

For most players, the maximum they have in the game week is five players. Playing against someone who is still diligent enough to have their Free Hit card will be plain old bad luck, but points will be hard to come by. With Bamford’s status unknown, it will be a gamble to use a free transfer or taking him off only to see him suit up. Unlike Bamford, Son can be weighed when Tottenham play in Europe on Thursday, even though that could still be misleading. The trap for this Gameweek will be to rush in and use a Wildcard chip, which could be a great way to get maximum points but then you are stuck with some head scratching lineup going down the stretch.

Can Erling Braut Haaland go on to become the Champions League’s all-time top scorer?

Erling Braut Håland has made the headlines for all the right reasons since he broke on to the scene at Red Bull Salzburg in 2019. Now at German Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund, of course, he is continuing to steal the spotlight and is more often than not a nightmare to tame for the opposition defenders.

His two most recent goals in the Champions League helped Dortmund progress to the quarter-final stages of the tournament against a dogged Sevilla and took his overall record for BVB to 47 goals in 47 games since he signed for the club last January.

It’s an incredible goal tally, and rightfully, he is being tipped to be the next big thing in European football. He is scoring goals with such ease and the fact that he is only 20 years of age makes it all the more mind-boggling for the average onlooker.

His two goals in the Champions League against the La Liga outfit took his tally in Europe’s elite competition to 20 goals in just 14 games. That in itself is an incredible feat. In fact, he is the fastest and youngest player in the history of the competition to reach the impressive landmark. So, it’s no wonder he alone can make Dortmund all the more favourable in the 2021 Champions League odds.

Håland broke the previous record set by Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane in 10 fewer games, and he is already just two goals away from breaking into the top 50 all-time scorers in the tournament.

In comparison with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who are first and second in the all-time scorers chart with 134 and 120 goals respectively, it took Ronaldo until he was 24 and 56 games to notch up 20 strikes and Messi, who was 22, 40 games. So, that puts in perspective just how amazing Håland’s feat is.

The question now is whether the Norwegian international can keep up his goal-scoring prowess in the long run and bag as many goals in the competition as the two aforementioned stars? There’s no doubt that it’s going to be a tough task for Håland. He would need to score 10 goals a season in the Champions League for the next 10 years to match Messi’s current tally and even more to surpass Ronaldo’s.

Of course, he is just 20 and as a striker he could play well into his 30s, so it is doable. However, he must keep fit and would need to play for a club getting far in the Champions League’s knockout stages year-after-year for the remainder of his career if he wants to truly get within touching distance of the Barcelona and Juventus forwards.

Nonetheless, German journalist Raphael Honigstein is confident that is the 20-year-old can keep scoring in the same fashion, then he’ll outscore both Ronald and Messi by the time he hangs up his boots.

“He’s only played 30 months at this level, and he’s only going to get better. If you put him in a better team… I don’t know where this could stop,” Honigstein told talkSPORT.

“The stats are crazy, if he continues scoring at the same level, he will outscore both Ronaldo and Messi, which seems absolutely crazy to contemplate, but he could do it!”

As Håland continues to steal the headlines in the UEFA Champions League news, all of the remaining teams in the competition, along with those still fighting for a place in the quarter-finals, will dread facing the 20-year-old in the next round.

Five Bargains to shine in the final months of the Premier League season

With the Premier League set to enter its final two months, now is the perfect time to begin preparations for the all-important run-in. Ending the season with a flurry can be the difference between securing league victory or falling at the final hurdle.

Most fantasy football competitors are going to want to keep hold of their expensive, high-scoring stars. The key now is to find some bargain buys that can complement them with consistent point-scoring performances and the occasional stellar showing.

Below we have highlighted five players that could be in for a good end to the season.

Defender – Joachim Anderson – Fulham – 3.0m

There is no doubting that Fulham have endured a tough campaign, but they are certainly still fighting to stay in the division after an upturn in form.

One key element to this has been their recent battling qualities and new-found rigidity in defence. Scott Parker’s men are now priced at 9/5 with Betiton to go down. In fact, many popular new betting sites now make Sheffield United, West Brom and Newcastle more likely for the drop.

Crucial to this has been 24-year-old Norway defender Joachim Anderson and his partnership with Tosin Adaraybioyo. Fulham’s recent win over Liverpool at Anfield took their clean sheet tally to five in seven.

Goalkeeper – Dean Henderson – Manchester United – 7.0m

Manchester United continue to develop under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as their recent win over champions-elect Manchester City proved. United have also looked much more solid at the back thanks to the impressive form of both left-back Luke Shaw and centre-back Harry Maguire.

Goalkeeper Dean Henderson is now set to get even more game-time due to David de Gea returning to Spain to be with his new-born child. Henderson took his opportunity with two clean sheets in his first two games. It means he could be a value pick to continue to chalk up more clean sheets heading into the final months.

There is nothing to say de Gea will get the shirt back upon his return and Henderson is also eyeing the number one spot for England ahead of this summer’s Euros.

Defender – Nelson Semedo – Wolves – 4m

Wolves have been inconsistent in the extreme this season as injury issues, formation changes and a questionable summer transfer policy all came to a head in 2020/21.

However, a recent return to their trusted 3-4-3 formation has helped them find their feet again. Nuno’s men now have a favourable run of fixtures against teams below them in the table and this could be a good time to look at their players.

Summer signing Nelson Semedo struggled with the pace of the league early on but looks to have settled down into the right wing-back role at Molineux. He is getting into more advanced positions and benefiting from the extra protection that playing with three centre-backs affords. More points are due to come his way.

Midfielder – Pedro Neto – Wolves – 6.5m

The same reason that Semedo has been included means there is also an argument for finding a space for Portuguese wonderkid Pedro Neto.

The Wolverhampton winger is flourishing in his new role out on the right where he can cut in-field and shoot with his left. However, recent games have also seen examples of how comfortable he is trusting his right foot to get accurate crosses into the box.

He already has five goals and seven assists to his name in the league and will be targeting more in the coming matches. Throughout April and into May, Wolves will take on Fulham, Sheffield United, West Brom, Burnley and Brighton.

Midfield – Mason Mount – Chelsea – 8m

Mason Mount has had a fine campaign for Chelsea and anyone who thought he was only a favourite of former boss Frank Lampard has quickly been proven very wrong.

The young England midfielder has quickly become an important part of Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea too. He has scored goals and made assists as Tuchel’s influence has grown. Getting him in your team for the run-in could be a great move.

Chelsea are another side with favourable fixtures on the horizon, including West Brom, Brighton, Crystal Palace and Fulham.