West Ham’s tough season

West Ham were shocked and gave a shocking performance in the Carabao Cup to lose 4-0 to League one side Oxford United, and one wonders how long this negative effect will last with the Londoners.

The cup competitions can often serve a surprise as the so-called giant killing teams of the lower leagues play their best games and up their performance. Losing to one of the lower league teams happens to most of the big clubs, particularly those who rest their star players.

However, it is the way West Ham disintegrated which is of most concern. A 4-0 loss is more than poor and 3 of Oxford’s goals were scored in 29 minutes in the second half as the Hammers simply collapsed. For Fantasy Football managers, cup competition can be tricky. For those who look to place bets on cup competitions, you should look no further than Amazing Bet which allows you to take advantage of offers from bookmakers as well as guide you to better betting odds. Amazing Bet also provides you with information on where and how you can place free bets.

Manager Manuel Pellegrini did make changes to his side that beat Manchester United in the league just a few days before, 9 changes in all, but there was still plenty of quality on the field including new signing Pablo Fornals who has been very underwhelming since joining the club on a coat tail of hype from Villarreal.

Pellegrini was forced to bring on regulars early in the 2nd half such as Mark Noble and Sebastian Haller but the irony was that when more experience and quality came on the Hammers lost the plot and Oxford United improved.

It is bizarre to think that the Hammers have started the season well and just beat Manchester United, but this cup defeat was a stark reminder that worse things could be around the corner for the club.

There must be criticism pointed at Pellegrini though- for example why make so many changes? Yes, games come thick and fast and he rightly pointed out that you need to utilize your squad. But what justification did he seek in making those changes? For example, had this been a midweek Champions League game he wouldn’t have made the changes which leads us on to suggesting that Pellegrini in fact disrespected the competition and it has widely backfired onto him and the club.

The irony is West Ham are one of those well-known clubs alongside Everton for example who have not won a major trophy for a long time. Next year will mark 25 years for Everton and 40 for West Ham. Again, did Pellegrini rest players just so West Ham could finish in the top 10? What are their aspirations in a very difficult league? Shouldn’t the club really be chasing a cup and giving it a go?

With this cup gone, West Ham’s season already looks exposed. They aren’t ready for a top 4 place and don’t look prepared to challenge for a Europa League place either. That leaves the FA Cup then which doesn’t start for them until January.

The shock remains for Pellegrini- an experienced coach- who must set as target survival in the Premier League. A late push for a Europa League spot would have been ideal but that is looking increasingly like wishful thinking.

Top 5 Underperforming Players in Fantasy Football

Before the start of every Premier League season, fans will assemble their carefully created fantasy sides looking to blow away the competition in their respective leagues. Some of their picks will be astute and perform excellently, but there are also those that you have selected that you will be looking to take out as soon as it is possible.

These players will be a shock to some players, as they would have been included following excellent campaigns in the top-flight in the previous season. However, despite the momentum that they may have had in the previous campaign, they have been unable to build on that.

Some of the players that have underperformed this season also have done so after having talks surrounding their long-term future going on throughout the summer months, and this could have been the reason for their faltering form. 

But, what players so far this season have been underwhelming in the Premier League in terms of fantasy football?

Wilfried Zaha: The Crystal Palace man has undoubtedly been a factor in the strong start that the Eagles have enjoyed this season, but his personal form hasn’t been the best, and he is yet to score a single goal this season.

However, despite this, he is an important player to the team and him remaining at the club has ensured that most online sportsbook doesn’t feel that they will be in relegation trouble this season.

So far, he has scored 28 points this season, which is almost half the amount that the Palace leading player, Jordan Ayew, has at this moment in time. Not only this, but Zaha is valued at 6.7 million, which means that those that have selected him are using up a considerable chunk of their budget on the Ivorian. These players may look at offloading Zaha pretty soon since his form has shown little chance of changing.

Paul Pogba

A host of Manchester United players could have made this list, but Paul Pogba has been by far the most underwhelming of the players at the Theatre of Dreams. His season has already been derailed by injury, and that means he will be out until at least the end of November. Many players would have picked the Frenchman at the beginning of the season, but that number has dropped to just 3.3% of players since the opening day.

He has registered two assists in his Premier League appearances so far this season, and he has yet to find the back of the net. For a player that commands a fee of 8.4 million, players would have been expecting a lot more. He has only scored 15 points to this point, and that is way below the Manchester United-leading Marcus Rashford who has scored 57 points.

Placing your bets on Paul Pogba in Fantasy League, would be the same as putting money on the Cincinnati Bengals to make it into the NFL playoff betting odds. Neither of them is likely to succeed this season.

Nicolas Pepe: When Arsenal signed Nicolas Pepe in the summer from Lille, there was an expectation that he was going to take the Premier League by storm. However, that hasn’t happened as yet, and he has even lost his place in the starting eleven over recent weeks following the strong opening to the season made by Bukayo Saka.

Pepe has recorded a respectable 31 points, but for a player that commands a fee of 9.3 million, that is just not enough. He was a popular pick at the beginning of the season, but only 3.3% of players now have faith in the winger to turn his season around.

He may pick up his form, but at present, he doesn’t command enough on fantasy football to merit being a pick for any player looking to achieve a league win this season. Besides, he is not always a started for Unai Emery, which means he might not take so much playing time throughout the season.

Diogo Jota: Looking at how Wolves performed last season, we are confident that many Fantasy Premier League players decided to include some of their in-form players in this season’s line-up. One of the players some might have decided to add was Portuguese winger Diogo Jota.

Last season the 22-year-old scored 9 goals and made 5 assists in the Premier League, thus giving him a reasonable amount of points in his Fantasy campaign. This season, however, Wolves is struggling to win games and Jota has only scored 1 goal in 9 games played and has made no assists so far.

At a price of £6.1 in the EFL, he has only accounted for 22 points so far. Quite underwhelming and it might not be a completely bad idea to take him out of the team. His partner Raul Jimenez, although he costs £7.2 might be a better choice, since he has scored 4 so far and assisted 2: a total of 55 points.

Teemu Pukki: After a strong start to the season and bursting forward and scoring 6 goals, Teemu Puuki has slowed down. Still, many might have got the hype and transferred in the Finnish striker. With some superb performances, including a hat-trick against Newcastle, Pukki’s 59 points might be misleading.

However, Norwich are currently 19th in the Premier League and Pukki has gone blank for several weeks. He does not score since 14th of September, when he bagged a goal and an assist against Manchester City. In 4 of the 11 Matchdays he made not more than 2 points in the Fantasy League. So, if you have Pukki on your frontline, either you might be in for a surprise if the striker suddenly starts bursting goals, or you might have been tricked and his £6.8 could have been spent elsewhere.


10 Incredible Football facts which make you impressed!

Are you a dedicated football fan who enjoys sharing interesting football stories?
Prepare yourself for some astonishing stories and feel free to share them with your friends!

1. Mark Hughes played for Wales national team and Bayern Munich on the same day.
It happened in 1988 during qualifying matches.

Hughes had just signed the contract Munich and he was prompted to play against Wales. He shared the story: “I had dinner with Uli Hoeness who asked me what time the Wales match was. I told him it was around midday and he said That’s OK then, you can play in the evening as well. After the match, Hughes crossed to the other side of the Czech Republic to play against Borussia Monchengladbach. He said: “We actually flew over the ground and missed the first half, but I got there at the start of the second half.”

2. West Ham football player, Alvin Martin, scored a hat-trick against three different
goalkeepers in a match against Newcastle – Martin Thomas, Chris Hedworth and
Peter Beardsley.

3. Clie Allen scored 28 goals for QPR in season 79-80. After the season, Arsenal paid
more than a million for him but sent him to Palace after only three friendly matches.

4. Starting from season 1982, Bayern football players have at least one place at World
Cup Finals. The last in the row was Arjen Robben during World Cup 2010.

5. When Alex Ferguson came to Manchester United, Aston Villa football club was
better than red devils. By 1986, Villa took seven Premier League titles, seven FA
Cups, three League Cups, and a European Cup.

Before Alex Ferguson took over the team, Manchester United had won seven Premier League titles, six FA Cups, and a European Cup.

With Sir Alex in charge, Manchester United won the Premier League 13 times and now have a record total of 20 English League titles. What an amazing achievement for the Scottish manager! Lucky Nugget Casino NZ are a great way of entertainment for worldwide customers. If you want to test the option, we recommend progressive slots that bring life- changing prizes. Have a look at Lucky Nugget site for more info.

6. If you want to translate word Pittodrie (home of Aberdeen) in Gaelic, it will sound
like s*** heap or (‘place of manure’ or ‘hill of dung)

7. László Kubala was the only football player who competed for three national teams:
Spain, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary. This was the first player who had official
recognition of FIFA for the same thing. Former Real Madrid star Alfredo Di Stefano
also played for three national teams: Spain, Colombia, and Argentina but at a time
when Colombia football association was not recognized.

8. Jimmy Rimmer is a unique player which got European Cup winners with two
different clubs from England (Manchester United and Aston Villa)

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic used to play for six clubs which won Champions League
Trophy. However, he has never won the same competition. Zlatan played for Inter,
Ajax, Juventus, Milan, Manchester United and Barcelona. What bad luck!

10. Giuseppe Bergomi participated in four World Cups but he has never played in
qualifiers. But how is that possible? The ex Italian defender used to play for the
national team in seasons 1982, 1986, 1990 and 1998. During the first qualifying
phase (1982), Bergomi was only 18 and he was not in the first squad. For World Cup 1990, Italy qualified as host and 1998 was too late for Bergomi when he received a
surprising invitation from the coach.

As you can see, football is always associated with interesting facts and stories. Make
sure to follow them all and learn something new.

Common football & sports betting mistakes by newcomers

If football and sports betting are something new for you, then you will face mistakes and disappointment from time to time. Unfortunately, the expectation of perfection and winning are two main problems for most participants. Even if you follow all the advice of specialists, mistakes are inevitable.

They will probably come at a cost, but the important thing is what lesson each person will learn from the situation. You should consider mistakes as a stepping stone and perhaps even as an opportunity to become better.

Do not assume that mistakes will completely stop with a little more experience. We can safely say that no one can make perfect decisions in most cases. But we will consider the main difficulties that await you on the path to success, and try to increase the likelihood of your winnings significantly. Also, make sure to check out the information here if you want to find more information on sports betting.

Money Management

The number one reason why most players are left with nothing lies not in the poor choice of events, but in the inability to manage their own funds. If you consider sports betting as a business that brings you profit, then this imposes an obligation on you to take a serious approach to the process itself. Managing your money is the key to success.

Determine the budget that you are willing to spend on bets. Do not mix them with your daily money. Set the rules that determine the number of possible bets on each event. Remember that spending your entire bank on one game means a collapse.

Such an approach requires discipline from a person, but this will prevent you from becoming too excited during a losing or winning streak. It will also allow you to make more rational and balanced decisions. Do not think that budget management was invented only for professional players. This is important for everyone, even if you consider your experience only as entertainment.

High Expectations

Many people have unrealistic expectations of sports betting. And this is really a serious problem. Some people think that they can make money on betting simply because they are special and lucky, or because they know the sport and the clubs.

Predicting matches is an extremely complex process, which of course, requires much more from you than some general sports knowledge. Yes, sometimes newcomers get lucky, but it is an exception to the rule rather than a pattern. If you want to get real winnings, you will have to work hard. You must know the status of players, who is injured, who in great form and so forth. Football statistics are very useful and this is one great example with detailed stats revealing not just goals and assists for footballers but their tally of yellow and red cards as well as the team’s tendency to keep clean sheets, concede goals, score goals, etc… all can help build an extremely useful trend or a reference point.

Emotion Based Predictions

Have you ever decided to bet to feel the upcoming spectacle more interesting? Or maybe you bet on the victory of your favorite athlete in the tournament? Or maybe a sense of patriotism forced you to bet on your favorite team?

If you can say yes to one of the questions, then you tend to make the most usual mistake. You should make bets only if you are sure about your choice. Emotion-based bets are almost always a mistake.


Best options for new football punters!

Being new to the world of betting, particularly in football, a multitude of markets and the jargon being used may spin your head round and about. Try investing your time on learning everything related to football betting markets and soon enough, you will get the hang of it. Though confusion may arise, still, process everything from the bottom up and analyze odds carefully to ensure the best bet available.

As you start your journey by becoming a football bettor thriving on success, you must learn some portions of the game. A number of punters with tons of experience bet only if they’re familiar with the market. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid it to avoid wasting budget. But if you become too engaged by trying to learn multiple sports markets in one go, you will lessen your chances of winning or worse, you will lose your hard-earned money due to careless betting. As much as possible, focus your attention on spotting valuable bets that are worth your money.

Sports betting requires beginners to dive into markets that are purposeful for newbie skills. Otherwise, the bettor might risk his or her budget on a daily basis. For starters, here’s the suggested markets for you test your betting skills:

  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

  • Total Goals

Some of you might be wondering the benefits of these markets. First and foremost, we all know that betting considers statistics. With that, the analytical skills required by these markets are not complex compared to other markets available in sports. Plus, it makes beginning bettors’ experience streamlined in terms of using different functionalities available in the platform. 

As of today, a lot of data has accumulated in terms of scouring for trends within these markets. The process itself is deemed easy especially for newbies since. The fact that it’s adjusted to their level makes it convenient for them to learn and analyze the market for their own gain.

For instance, looking on the statistics derived from March 2, 2018 would have shown that more than 2.5 goals are created by the previous 14 matches. These matches included Guangzhou Evergrande, a Chinese club. All of the teams got scores as they played it through the recent nine matches, going against English League Scunthorpe (One-Side).

If newbie punters are going to look at statistics meant for their level, then these statistics are the best fit. It should be known that discovering a trend would entail the following processes: scouring for the next matches, analyzing the opponents and ultimately deciding for any significant reason, further giving assurance that the result won’t repeat itself again. Furthermore, keeping tabs on the latest news involving football would remind you of the changes, updates, and other components that may affect the trend and your bets.


As you finally master the art of football betting and taking control over basic football betting markets, you will hone your skills as you move through the process. Try as much as you can in terms of lessening the risks of betting by learning everything. Even a short reading can give you the knowledge needed for betting.

Premier League 2019-20: New signings, new rules

The premier leagues kicked off a few weeks ago. Manchester City is striving to win the championship for the third time in a row.

Liverpool, runners-up team in the last season, opened the campaign against Norwich. However, two main points of contention have been the rules and the video assistant references, both seemingly a big factor in the battle for the championship this season.

The Premier League has experienced three managerial appointments, and 11 football clubs made significant transfers. The 2019-2020 premier league season is expected to be more exciting than any other, and Betway gives you an opportunity to place your bets, so don’t miss that chance.

Manchester City gathered 198 points in the previous two seasons. They are battling to be recognized as the first club to with the title for a third consecutive year since a hat-trick of titles for Manchester in the 2007 to the 2009 era. Liverpool, who collected 97 points is expected to be the leading rival team for City.

New signings

The premier league has experienced the normal turnover of teams, managers, and players this season. Manchester United signed England defender Harry Maguire at £80m from Leicester City. This was one of the biggest signings of this summer, as the Red Devils received £74m from Italian club Inter for Romelu Lukaku.

Arsenal spent £72m to get winger Nicolas Pepe from Lille while Manchester City welcomed Atletico Madrid’s midfielder Rodri for £62.8m. They also bought Juventus full-back Joao Cancelo at £60m. Tottenham Hotspur spent £53.8m to get Tonguy Ndombele from Lyon. Note that this was their first signing since January 2018. Chelsea signed Mateo Kovacic from Real Madrid at £40m and this was possible despite the transfer ban due to the fact he was registered with the team last season (on loan).

Sheffiled United, a promoted club broke the transfer record for the fourth time as Aston Villa spent more than £100m on transfers. Furthermore, another promoted team, Norwich, has signed 11 new players for smaller fees, free transfers, and loans.
Brighton, Newcastle, and Chelsea hired new managers. Maurizio Sarri resigned from Chelsea to join Juventus and Frank Lampard, a club legend, took up the mantle. Rafael Benitez’s contract at the Magpies ended, and he was replaced by Steve Bruce, the former Sheffield boss. Chris Hughton’s contract at the Seagulls was
terminated, and management hired Graham Potter.

Video assistant referee and new laws

The video assistant referee device that is now a common thing in football has been introduced to the premier league.

This is the first time the system will be used in EPL. According to the EPL’s guiding principle, the VAR will be used for visible and clear mistakes, missed incidents in the
four forms of match-changing events. They include mistaken identity, straight red cards, goals, and penalties. The Premier League intends to use this technology less frequently for other competitions to keep minimum intrusion to the game.
Many new rules have been introduced this summer, and they will make a debut in the EPL.

For instance, there are some changes in the wording of the handball rule. Unintentional handball is a crime in case it results in a goal. However, the law applies if the arm of the player is above the shoulder or makes the body bigger.

The Premier League will consider the head-to-head outcome to separate clubs level on goals scored, goal difference and points. The league has also introduced a winter break. However, there will be games on two weekends. Five games will be played
on the weekend of 8th February while the other five on the following week. Remember to take advantage of Betway and to place your bets so you have a better chance to make money.

Real Betis New Player Signings for 2019/20

Real Betis have had mixed success over the past few seasons. After a great start to his tenure at Betis, previous manager Quique Setein had a poor end to the 2018/19 season and has made way for a new manager, Rubi.

The challenge this season is to restore Real Betis to the higher end of the table, and compete for a place in European competition- the Europa League in particular- next year. Rubi has been given the budget to build a team capable of competing in La Liga, helped by the profitable transfers of Pau Lopez to Roma for €23.5million and Junior Firpo to Barcelona for €18million.

Real Betis have been active in the transfer market all summer and have managed to make some big signings to help the new manager climb up the league. Here we are going to look at three of Betis’ most important signings that are ones to watch for fans this season.

Dani Martin from Sporting Gijon

Daniel Martin Fernandez is the replacement for goalkeeper Pau Lopez that Real Betis have signed for €5million from Sporting Gijon.

Dani has big boots to fill, with Lopez being a firm fan favourite during his time at Betis and a safe pair of hands to have between the sticks. Dani has the potential to be a big player, however, with a great record of shot stopping with Gijon, and is known for having a level of composure and maturity on the field that is beyond his years at just 21 years old.

Nabil Fekir from Lyon

The biggest signing for Real Betis this season is without doubt Nabil Fekir for €19.75million from French club Lyon.

Nabil has a great record as an attacking player, and Betis have surely bought some goals here. He also has a point to prove, as larger European clubs that showed an interest in him last year failed to make a bid for him this year. Betis have also signed online trading firm easyMarkets on a three-year sponsorship contract. easyMarkets offer trading on the Forex market, and know a thing or two about making a profit from clever trading. Perhaps they helped Betis see the value and potential of signing this player.

Alex Moreno from Real Vallecano

Alex Moreno is seen as one of European football’s best young left-backs, and Real Betis made a great signing when they got this player to put the pen to his papers.

Moreno is also a versatile player, also being able to play further up the field as an attacking left-winger, but Betis will surely play him in a defensive role where he is best suited. Known for being reliable and quick thinking, Moreno will likely become a fan favourite quickly with his displays of skill and fast footwork as well as his well-timed tackles.

After a poor finish to last season, Betis have all the ingredients they need to bounce back and challenge for a place in Europe again. The new manager, Rubi, has all the tools at his disposal he needs to put Real Betis back at the top end of the table.


Players to keep an eye on in the Premier League

With the Premier League gearing up for the third week of action, many are excited to watch their club play and hopefully win matches. Supporters are also excited to watch their favorite players in the Premier League. Fans tend to engage in heavy activity involving online betting to earn money based on the performances of their favourite star.


One of the most important players you need to watch out for is Raheem Sterling who is in the race for the Golden Boot. This was highlighted by his hat-trick during Man City’s win over West Ham. From Man City to Liverpool whose star player Mohamed Salah is another fan favourite who has been delivering goals in abundance the last two seasons. Salah started great with a goal in Liverpool’s 4-1 victory against Norwich City.

Another player to look out for is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who scored the decider to edge his club Arsenal in a 1-0 win over Newcastle. That was the only goal and he took four shots of the eight of his team. He shared the Golden Boot last year with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, and his graph indicates that he is going to have a great season.

Other names such as Marcus Rashford and particularly Harry Kane cannot be left far behind. While Kane did not have his best season in the Premier League due to injury, he still was top scorer for England in the World Cup in Russia 2018.

Looking to impress again is Virgil van Dijk, the Liverpool centre-back who had a phenomenal 2018/19 season. He has a habit of scoring goals but can also pass while steadily performing well as a defender. VVD, as he’s commonly referred to by some, is helped by having one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League in the form of Alisson. The ex-Roma goalkeeper and Manchester City’s shot-stopper Ederson were very impressive last season, and perhaps the two best goalkeepers in the Premier League.

It is safe to say many of the key players will be coming from Liverpool and Manchester City. Tottenham may have a couple of players but all eyes will be on Kane to see if he’ll be scoring many goals this season as well as new midfield signing Tanguy Ndombele. Who is on your Fantasy Football team?

Hope for other EPL clubs after Manchester City draw with Tottenham

The Premier League season has started and 20 clubs will fight against each other for the coveted league title but also for European places & survival. In the first top clash of the season, a home match, Manchester City was all geared up to face Tottenham. In the last season, European finalists Tottenham knocked Man City out of the Champions League in the quarter-final.

Thus, the pressure was more on Manchester City as they have to give payback but also prove their mettle. The dreams and hopes of the supporters of City, as well as the players, involve winning as many trophies as possible this season. People who do sports betting invest a lot of money on these clubs through the real money casinos.

Manchester City were unable to defeat Tottenham. The match ended in a 2-2 draw. City players and fans will feel hard done by. Pep Guardiola’s champions will not have an easy time ahead. No team beat City since last season when Spurs accomplished a 1-0 victory in the Champions League. Since that loss, Guardiola’s men won many important matches, including two games versus Tottenham- one in the Champions League return leg and another in the league.

Last Saturday, a resounding 5-0 win in West Ham proved Manchester City will be aiming for another league title. Before Saturday 2-2 draw with Spurs, City had played 15 Premier League matches and won all of them to remain undefeated in the league since they lost 2-1 on January 29 in Newcastle. In the Champions League, Spurs defeated City and showed the other clubs that this was a possible feat. This led to a frantic second leg with more goals and much drama.

Manchester City set a record by winning 18 matches in succession in the Premier Leagues during the 2017/18 season. Unfortunately for City, they will not be able to beat or even match that record following the 2-2 home draw against bogey side Tottenham.

While records are good to have, what really matters to City and their fans is winning trophies, among them the coveted Premier League title. However, fans would love to see City lift the Champions League trophy as well. The 2-2 draw against Spurs has once again showed other English clubs that it is possible to derail this extremely talented City side.

For other clubs and in particular Liverpool, they must keep pace and they need to vanquish all the top 6 rival teams to maintain their extraordinary form. Last season, they gathered 97 points keeping the incredible form intact and lost only once in the entire season. Due to this loss, they came in second and Manchester City emerged as the winner last season. They lost the match to Man City and ended up losing the league by a single point which was quite saddening for Liverpool and their supporters. Liverpool beat Norwich 4-1 on opening weekend and followed that up with a second win away at Southampton meaning they are currently are on six points to City’s four.

That being said, for the coming three months, Liverpool may not be able to get close to the team of Guardiola again. This is because of the fixtures that are in front of them. Keeping the title race alive will be quite compelling just like it was last season. Manchester City was defeated last season by Newcastle and this simply showed how even struggling teams can play well and defeat the giants. 

Newcastle’s victory may be repeated by Norwich, Bournemouth or Brighton but it will be an extremely difficult feat against the talented and deep City side. Despite the 2-2 draw, it can be said that City’s players will have the opportunity to win match after match in the upcoming weeks and perhaps even build a small lead at the top before the trip to Anfield. Liverpool and Klopp are perhaps the only ones capable of stopping City from winning a third consecutive league title, However, watch out for Spurs would could still derail City when the two teams face each other in London.

How will Chelsea’s Transfer Ban affect their Season?

Chelsea might have finished third in the Premier League last season, picking up European honors along the way, but it was far from a success in the eyes of some supporters.

27 points separated them and second-placed Liverpool, meaning manager Maurizio Sarri’s first ever trophy wasn’t enough to keep him in a job. They’ve turned to Frank Lampard- from Derby County- who is a Blues legend following his success on the field with the club.

If he wants to be the same off the field, he has a huge job. The BBC reported how they failed to overturn a two-window transfer ban, effectively condemning them to pretty much the same squad this season as the last one. Couple that with Eden Hazard’s departure for a fee believed to be around $108m, and they’re arguably weaker than last season.

Can they still be a success, despite the obvious obstacles they face? Or will they continue in the pattern of the last couple of years?

There are plenty of positives; one of Sarri’s main faults was his reluctance to hand first team experience to Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ruben Loftus-Cheek. The latter won’t be able to help for much of this season, as he ruptured his Achilles tendon in a friendly and won’t be back until at least November, according to Football London.

However, there is plenty of youth waiting to impress this season and are expected to get the chance due to the ban on incoming players. Tammy Abraham has impressed in loan spells with Bristol City and Aston Villa, with his time at Villa Park last season a raging success. His goals have been credited with firing them back to the Premier League and he looks ready to take on the top flight.

Lampard will be expected to attack much more than Sarri and Conte before him, which might be a big ask without one key man.

They’ll miss Hazard’s creativity, but in Mason Mount they might have a home-grown alternative who can break through as well. He was on loan with Derby last season and had a whole year to impress his new manager.

He even earned an England call-up from Gareth Southgate whilst in the Championship. Southgate has a good eye for spotting young talent; in Coral’s guide to last year’s World Cup managers, they note how he had three years of experience with the Under 21s before becoming England manager.

If Lampard shows belief in promoting players from Under 21 to senior football, he could be rewarded. Mount is much like Lampard was as a player; how the Blues could do with him to have the same input.

They will also be able to call on 20-year-old United States international Christian Pulisic, who was bought from Dortmund in January and loaned back for the rest of the season. He’s a new face, something different to add to the squad. He’s a winger who will likely be Hazard’s replacement, although he’s got a lot to prove at such a tender age.

Chelsea of 2019/20 will be youthful; they’ll be fighting against the odds and playing the underdog. In truth, they could be about to reap the rewards of their previous policy of loaning out lots of their players.

There isn’t a good reason why they can’t be back in the top three come May, not with the collection of talent they’ve amassed over the last couple of seasons.