Chelsea star Eden Hazard is wrong to talk about Real Madrid


Player loyalty is often questioned in the modern age and that topic will rise up again and should be the priority with Chelsea fans after star playmaker and goal scorer Eden Hazard’s recent comments.

The Belgian international who has clearly been Chelsea’s best player of the past couple of years said that he dreamt to play for Real Madrid. Adding that sometimes he thinks he should join whilst sometimes he thinks he shouldn’t. To top it all he added that Real were the best team in the world.

Now let’s talk about ambition first. Of course most football players want to play for the ‘great’ Real Madrid at one point in their career and it would be churlish to deny them that right if they are good enough which Hazard clearly is. How many professional footballers in history can say that they have done so? At Madrid Hazard would shine and he would consistently win trophies and it would be a crowning moment of his career that is easy to understand.

But then there is the flipside of this argument and it comes in the form of respect. Respect to the club you are at and respect to the loyal fans who adore you. Sure Hazard was just being honest in saying Real are the best team, but why not use some diplomacy just like he does and every other player does in post match interviews? By coming out with a blatant hard line truth it feels he is simply wooing Real Madrid president Florentino Perez to get him. Plus shouldn’t he be publicly saying that Chelsea are the best team?

It just seems off that Hazard would come out with statements that he sometimes thinks about joining Madrid when maybe he doesn’t realise just how lucky he is at Chelsea. Here he is seen like a footballing God, at Madrid he will just be another player in the pond. But in some ways that doesn’t exactly matter, it seems inevitable that Hazard will join Madrid probably next summer given how Perez has kept the budget tight this past summer at the club.

It’s just that attitude that has come along with it. In comparison if Paul Pogba says good things about Barcelona, row no, 1,009 would flare up with him and manager Jose Mourinho. The bottom line surely is to zip it, and believe 100% in the club that you are at for the time being. If anything it feels like a slap in the face for Chelsea’s fans.


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