Does Solskjaer Perform Miracles?

Well, frankly it is looking like he just might, and here at, we are rooting for him. It has been a turbulent season for United, and the silverware has looked so far out of their grasp it has been a humbling time for the once glorious reds who ruled Manchester.

As if Manchester City winning last season was not bad enough for them, it is looking likely that the Manchester blues will retain the title for the second year running while Old Trafford languishes as a former ground of glory that has now seen a downturn in luck.

Such has been the gravity of the situation that in December manager Jose Mourinho was given his marching orders. He may now live to regret one of his final comments when he stated that it would need ‘almost a miracle’ for the team to pull out of the nosedive and finish respectably within the top four. Clearly, caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took that as ‘challenge accepted’, and boy has he turned around the performance level of the Red Devils. When Mourinho left the club they were 11 points behind the much coveted Champions League place. It was indeed looking like an impossible task.

You can almost hear the “Mission Impossible” title credits rolling as Ole worked his magic, racking up an incredible eight wins and one draw in just six short weeks, landing Man United into that fourth place position one point clear of Arsenal and Chelsea. There is little doubt Ole Gunnar Solskjaer considers United his home, and his own playing career there was rather successful.

The Baby-faced Assassin as he was dubbed earned a reputation as a super sub frequently coming off the bench at the last moment and scoring some incredible goals. Unfortunately, a severe knee injury ended his career in 2007 and keen to stay with his club he became a coach and ambassador. Later his role was augmented, and he took on coaching responsibility for the reserve team.

He returned home in 2011 to manage Molde and secure them their first ever Tippeligaen title, and then just to prove it wasn’t a fluke he did it again for a second time. In his third season, he took them to the 2013 Norwegian Football Cup Final where the team triumphed. After a brief stint at Cardiff, he was back at Molde until 2018 when Man United came knocking, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer answered.

It is clear that momentum is building as fans, and players alike, feel that it is time Solskjaer was officially made the manager, but not everyone agrees. Gary Neville has said that he does not think the timing is right and the situation should be looked at in March and decided in April.

Wes Brown, however, feels that Solskjaer is by far and away the best fit the team have had for some time and that the formalities should be put in place to make him full-time manager. Whatever happens, it has to be said that Ole has actually performed the much-needed miracle.

Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez needs to return to Arsenal or leave the Premier League


Despite the odd good game for Manchester United it is fair to say that Alexis Sanchez will never be remembered as one of the Old Trafford greats and even though he has only been at the club for one season perhaps it is the right time to quit the club.

United are good, Sanchez is good but for whatever reason the two entities just don’t fit. When Jose Mourinho bought Sanchez from Arsenal last summer it was seen as a fantastic deal. Because Sanchez was far and away Arsenal’s best player of the past few seasons. It seemed almost bizarre in fact that Arsenal would sell to a Premier League rival but sell they did.

Once at United Sanchez just didn’t perform most blamed Mourinho’s tactics and let’s be honest the whole team were not performing. But what has been surprising is that Sanchez has not picked up his form under new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer despite the rest of the squad doing so.

Even Solskjaer has admitted that there isn’t anything they can do with the player- but he will give him time and has commented that the player is a quality one who needs to find himself. The truth is that Sanchez does not seem happy at United and has simply not settled into life up in Manchester- it happens and perhaps the Chilean should not be too harshly judged about it.

Could he return to Arsenal? There were rumours that he wanted to play for Manchester City, but he has become the shadow of the player that everyone knew and it is unlikely now that City manager Guardiola would go for his signature. But at Arsenal as long as Unai Emery wanted him, he would be welcomed back. It was clearly an environment that Sanchez enjoyed and revelled in, but of course everyone needs to be on the same page for that to happen.

Otherwise perhaps the simple solution for Sanchez would be to leave the Premier League- maybe a return to Spain is on the cards? It just might be a culture that suits Sanchez more anyway. Although a return to Barcelona does not seem possible, but Sanchez is still good enough to play for any of the top six sides in La Liga.

Sanchez is a quality player that there is no doubt, but has there been a more unhappier high profile Premier League player of  the past six months?

Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer should be permanent Manchester United manager- what are the club waiting for?

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In 2 months Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer has done to Manchester United what three other managers and five years could not do, he has them playing the Manchester United way again so why haven’t the board announced him as United’s permanent manager?

What Solsjkaer got the job the whole mood shifted at the club one that had been moody, downbeat and not playing to their strengths under Jose Mourinho. But now it was like the mid 1990s again. Hardly anyone could have believed United would have been able to catch up to Arsenal and Chelsea and are now in 4th place. In December United were 9 points behind Arsenal, now they are a point above them and make no mistake they will fire even more ahead in the coming weeks/months.

But the United board just aren’t trusting him yet. Their argument will be that this is just the beginning- but what manager has done this well? David Moyes Louis van Gaal and even Jose Mourinho showed weakness in their first few months in charge of the club. While it is true that this incredible run will end at one point for the Norwegian, the players love him and respect him and he does have a future at the club. The worry will be if United bring in a big name and it doesn’t work out.

Zinedine Zidane may have been on most fans thoughts to come to United but we have to remember he had problems in the past with the likes of Ronaldo and especially Gareth Bale at Real Madrid, even if he was successful. The key for Solsjkaer’s success is that he is ready for his teams to play attacking football but is also ready for man management. He is happy to love every player that wears United’s famous red jersey and feels like the first proper United man in the dugout since Sir Alex Ferguson said goodbye back in 2013.

It feels that Ed Woodward and co are going to wait to see how United reach against PSG in the Champions League and feels very unfair. Nobody would have thought that United were going to win the Champions League this season. Surely now it was all about a top 4 place and deep runs in a cup. United are still there in the FA Cup and they should do well against PSG, but if they fail the manager should not be judged in this way. Let’s remember that 60 days ago he was in charge of Molde in Norway and dreaming of this job.

Give him the position, his blood and DNA belong at United and Old Trafford. Don’t let the excuse of him finally losing a game, which is going to happen be the moment that the hierarchy make the 4th mistake in 6 years.

Three things that have improved since the arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are currently on an amazing winning streak of eight games in all competitions, which puts them just three points behind the top four spots in the Premier League as well as a place in the fifth round of the FA Cup. It’s been the ideal comeback since the departure of Jose Mourinho, however, the second half of the season is now kicking off in full effect.

Since the managerial change, a lot of things have changed on and off the pitch, allowing the side to revive their style of play and a footballing campaign that had seemed to be apparently over and buried in the grave. Not only that, even the Old Trafford faithful are enjoying the rollercoaster of a ride they are on at the moment, as they are simply taking each game and fixture one small step at a time.

Here are three things we have learnt about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United…

Best way to defend is to constantly attack

United’s defence has constantly been the side’s main weakness throughout the season so far, where they have lacked solidity as a unit and have been relying on David De Gea to come up with the vital goods in goal as usual. However, they have now learnt to dominate possession once again and to calmly play the ball around the opposition’s half, minimising the amount of times they have to defend in their own half.

Thanks to Solskjaer’s positive mindset and his ability to install a winning mentality into the squad, the team are able to show to the opposition that football is played the Manchester United way or the highway. The recent statistics are surely backing up these opinionated comments, as the side have managed to achieve 22 goals and have conceded on only five occasions, showing huge improvement defensively.

The mood within the dressing room has massively turned around

Throughout the final couple of weeks or so under the reign of Mourinho, the manager had lost the faith of his key players in Alexis Sanchez, Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba whilst dividing and tearing the dressing room into pieces. Once this had become evident within a number of league matches, there was a huge feeling within the fanbase that he would be relieved of his duties before the matter affected the club in the long run.

Now, six weeks into Solskjaer’s time at the football club he adores the most, he has re-assured the squad and had advised to each single one of them, of the important role they will be playing for the side from now until the season comes to an end. The positive feelings and the high spirits speaks for itself on the pitch and during the training sessions, where all the individuals are better and stronger as a whole than ever before.

Pressing high up the pitch with intensity can lead to positive outcomes

Believe it or not, football has massively changed over the last five to ten years, and one of the main factors to this has been the high pressing system that is utilised by the best teams in Europe. Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Manchester City are the perfect examples to use, three well-known sides that play effectively within this method that allows them to advance well in all the competitions they take part in season by season.

Looking back at United, it is important for the side to press in numbers and to understand when to press, purely because it is crucial to not run around like hooligans and it is a must to control the stamina levels during the match. With the likes of Martial, Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford pressing with intensity, whether it’s down the flanks or through the middle, a lot of the side’s goals have been by forcing the opposition into making mistakes and pushing them out of their comfort zone.

The curious case of Manchester United’s Eric Bailly


When Manchester United completed the signing of centre-back, Eric Bailly, in the summer of 2016, it had seemed like the club’s diabolical presence of Chris Smalling and Phil Jones in the backline had come to an end. Having left Villarreal and La Liga at such a young age, the Ivory Coast international moved to England as an unknown player who cost the biggest club in England a fee of £30million.

The player himself moved to a new country and a new league with very little expectations, given that he wasn’t seen as one of the best rising and upcoming centre-backs within Europe. However, the instant mentions about his athleticism, composure on the ball and his mentality of intercepting and tackling every ball, made it feel like a defender was coming in to fix the side’s ongoing issues.

Looking back at Bailly’s first season in the Premier League, it can be easily stated that he exceeded all opinions and predictions of how he would do, as he formed a really consistent and dominant partnership with the likes of Jones and Marcos Rojo throughout the campaign. In that very moment, the centre-back seemed like the perfect individual for the manager to form his defence around.

Although the main focus was on Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who arrived in the same window as Bailly did, it was the latter that instantly became a fans favourite and was seen as one of the signings of the season. Not only that, he came out on top when facing the likes of Harry Kane, Jamie Vardy and Sergio Aguero in his first campaign within English football.

Though, the unfortunate issues began in the following season with an unknown injury in October 2017, which kept him out on the sidelines until the first week of December as he missed five games altogether. At first, it was regarded as a minor setback that would keep him away from the side for four to six weeks, but he returned to training and a week later, he suffered a major ankle problem that would see him face his longest spell so far in his professional career as an injured player.

Within the period from October 2017 till February 2018, Bailly missed 26 important games and it could very well be the reason to why he has fallen down the pecking order over the last couple of months. Also, the defence has been mentioned as a department that is filled with flaws and weaknesses, so it’s not actually a surprise to see the backline being changed week in and out.

Also, the 26 games he missed should be seen as three quarters of a season that the 24-year-old spent on the sidelines, which has simply stagnated his development and has prevented himself from proving that he is one of the best centre-backs within England and Europe. If the long-term injury had not occurred, he would have potentially had another 15 to 20 league games of experience under his belt and he would now be playing alongside Victor Lindelof at the heart of defence on a regular basis.

On the other hand, Eric Bailly still has a lot to learn given that he has a tendency to lose focus in the matter of seconds and can frustratingly be seen as a red card waiting to happen. If the former manager, Jose Mourinho, who has a history when it comes to improving young and upcoming defenders, cannot help take the centre-back to the next level, the question has to be seriously asked on what needs to be done, in order to make the individual become consistent and defensively dominant again.

Overall, the majority of Manchester United supporters and the Old Trafford faithful know how brutal and talented Eric Bailly is, someone who is not afraid of putting his head where most would not even confidently put their feet into the challenge. And in the end, all he may need is more game time alongside Lindelof under a manager that has an actual footballing system, or a defensive coach that can kind-heartedly assist him on and off the pitch to become a more complete and perfect centre-back.

Four things we truthfully learned about Manchester United in 2018


The majority of Manchester United supporters will be hoping that the New Year is filled with memorable moments as well as one or two trophies. 2018 as a whole will be one to forget for the Red Devils, given that a lot of unforgettable things had happened, from the unconvincing transfer windows to the disappointment in the Champions League and the defeat in the FA Cup final.

On top of that, the Old Trafford faithful had to bare the appalling and dire football that was played under Jose Mourinho, which resulted in a number of points being dropped home and away during the season. Due to this, the board made a huge managerial decision and are now looking to get back to their best, before they can start to challenge for the league title and the domestic trophies again.

Here are the four fascinating things we learned throughout the year of 2018…

A director of football is badly needed

With the likes of Andrea Berta, Fabio Paratici and Paul Mitchell being reportedly linked as the new director of football at Manchester United, the board and Ed Woodward are starting to understand the importance of having an individual that has the football knowledge to help take the football club to the next level. If this was to happen within the next couple of months, the next permanent manager of the team will enjoy the presence of someone who has positive plans for the long run.

Most vitally, a director of football will help to target players in a simple yet effective way, which will allow the club to utilise their money properly rather than splashing it out on midfielders or attackers who have not proved themselves at the top level. The revival of Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla over the last five to ten years have been because of the board’s capability to bring in a sporting director, who can bring forward a controllable philosophy that everyone can follow.

Jose Mourinho was the virus, not Paul Pogba

For a large number of months in 2018, it had seem like the gloomy days and painful nights at Old Trafford were solely due to the rift between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba, two individuals who could not get along with one another and could not put their differences aside for the sake of the football club. With the situation becoming worse and worse, the Premier League pundits and Manchester United supporters felt one of them had to leave before it affected the team as a whole.

In the end, the hierarchy felt enough was enough and chose to relieve the manager of his duties, which now happens to be a great decision as the side are now playing their football with more confidence and freedom as well as Pogba himself being the heartbeat of the midfield. Had the board decided to back the manager and get rid of the player, they would have potentially looked very stupid in a year’s time, where the Frenchman could be playing the best football of his career at Barcelona or Paris Saint-Germain whilst they are stuck with a declining and finished Mourinho.

David De Gea has constantly been saving United’s defence

Over the last couple of years or so, both Louis Van Gaal and Mourinho set United up in a defensive and counter-attack way, which made it look like the side were defensively a solid unit whilst being just about clinical on the other side. However, the side’s defensive displays in recent years have been largely exaggerated due to the brilliance of David De Gea, a goalkeeper that comes up with a number of saves with ease on a regular basis, which has made him to be recognised as the best shot-stopper within the Premier League as well as one of the best goalkeepers in Europe, if not the best.

The defence has to be seen as a weak department and an area that needs shuffling around, especially given that the likes of Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones have been playing at the club for far longer than necessary and have simply failed to reach the potential they were expected to meet. If the board want to make a statement and are looking to show ruthlessness, then they will be willing to seriously revamp the backline over the summer transfer window.

The future looks bright for the Red Devils on and off the pitch

For sure a lot of money has been spent from after the Sir Alex Ferguson era up until now, though, it cannot be kept as a secret that the current squad is filled with a number of talented players. They maybe yet to prove themselves as Champions League or Premier League winners, but the important individuals such as Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba, Victor Lindelof as well as a couple of others who have shown moments here and there are ready to take this football club forward.

Overall, it is impossible to see United fall far away from the top sides within England and Europe, as they have the financial resources to aggressively buy in every transfer window. On the other hand, it is critical for the club to start reflecting and showing their dominance on the pitch, otherwise, their chances of creating another successful legacy decreases season by season. In the end, there is simply no doubt that the Red Devils will be bouncing back and return to the throne that was once theirs.

Premier League chief Richard Scudamore’s pay off feels like short change in the long term


Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and on these very pages I wrote an article detailing the grotesque story that emerged of Premier League chief Richard Scudamore being handed a £5m golden handshake payment following his decision to step down after two decades. But in contrast to some of the news in the Premier League his bonus seems like short change.

Take Mark Hughes who keeps failing at clubs and getting chances where other better managers are missing out on Premier League jobs. He was reported to have received £6m when Southampton sacked him earlier this season, and yet Hughes was not at The Saints for two decades like Scudamore.

The bigger story is left to the bigger fish, the one and only Jose Mourinho who has received or will receive a reported £15m after being sacked from Manchester United. The blame must go on the shoulders of United’s vice chairman Ed Woodward who gave Mourinho a contract extension at the beginning of 2018, which resulted in this pay off. Some outlets put the figure much higher at £22m, whatever the total amount, Mourinho has been paid at least 3 times the figure of Scudamore for failing.

At least Scudamore can claim not to have failed in his job and whilst his payment from he outside feels unjustified to the person in the street he has been able to grow the Premier League into what it is today. Sure its not all roses- mostly the same teams win the title. But anyone that wants to question Scudamore’s great job need only look at Italy’s Serie A. A one great league that is now a shambles of concrete stadiums, racist abuse to players and fans and hardly family friendly. Perhaps Scudamore’s next role should be in Italy, the man has the golden touch that cannot be denied.

Could Hughes or Mourinho claim the same? What type of legacy did they leave at their clubs? And yet they were paid handsomely well and no fan was ready to protest their pay offs like people did with Scudamore’s £5m which feels like petty cash given that he has injected billions into the very same teams that these fans support.

So whilst being paid two times your salary as a bonus does not feel right it must be taken in the context of the sport of football which is locked and loaded with money one thing is for sure and that is at least in the context of the crazy world that is football Scudamore earned his pay off.


Is 2019 the year of Alexis Sánchez?

When Alexis Sánchez arrived at Manchester United in the January transfer window, there was a great sense of optimism over what this signing could bring. Under José Mourinho, the Red Devils’ attack was stifling and very few chances being created let alone scored. They needed something to revitalise their attack and Sánchez was a real possibility of doing just that. 

After beating Manchester City to the signing of the Chile international, fans were incredibly excited to see what he could bring to the team. He might have signed on ginormous wages, but he would certainly live up to expectation and be of value if he was to replicate his immense form under Arsène Wenger for Arsenal.

However, life in Manchester was not plain sailing for Sánchez. While there were a few games in which he excelled in – against Tottenham in the FA Cup semi final – it was a case of huge inconsistencies in his performances that gave the overwhelming sense of disappointment. Injuries took their toll and it appeared Sánchez was failing to gel into Manchester United’s attack.

After a solid pre-season in which it was his first summer in half a decade where international football did not take precedent, Sánchez looked sharp and raring to go for the start of the Premier League. But just as he was ready to take the campaign by storm, another injury curtailed his progress and he did not look at peak physical performance.

A run in and out of the team, mainly from the bench, caused great concern among United fans, who were yet to see the player they were promised back in January. Everyone knows what a fantastic forward the Chilean is, but Mourinho simply could not find it in him nor keep him fit enough to put games together.

Sánchez suffered the same fate as the rest of United’s attackers with being shackled to a regimented system that was not allowed to breathe. The former Arsenal striker is a fluid player that interchanges a lot with his other attackers and it is his movement that is one of his best characteristics and is why he can get into positions others cannot. Mourinho was not prepared to change his whole philosophy for that and so Sánchez rarely got the chance to express himself – just as his teammates did not.

Another hamstring injury has ruled Sánchez out since the beginning of December and he is only just returning to first-team training. Under new manager Solskjær, as seen with other forwards, Sánchez might just be in a position of strength heading into 2019 with a completely fresh coach who does not have an agenda.

The Chilean might be 30 but he can still add a lot to United’s attack. Providing he can maintain his fitness and remain injury free, Sánchez is a wonderful option to have either from the bench or to start alongside the Red Devils’ other vibrant, flexible forwards.

Under Mourinho there was a period in which Sánchez was played through the middle, just as he was on United’s pre-season tour to America. Even though he was not in the best of form, he looked threatening against Premier League defences and was in promising positions to strike. One of the main attributes in Sánchez’s locker is his ability to ghost in and out of dangerous areas on the pitch – something that many try and fail to achieve.

Whether Sánchez starts on the left, right or through the middle, under Solskjær’s guidance and permission, the Chilean will be allowed to rotate with his other teammates and interchange positions freely. As seen in his last full season at Arsenal, Sánchez reaps the rewards when given a free role and the freedom to move across the forward line – that is where he is so threatening.

In the Gunners’ 2016/17 season, Sánchez notched up 30 goals and 18 assists in 51 appearances. Nearly one goal contribution per-match and one of the main reasons why top flight clubs all over Europe were chasing the Chilean’s signature. Playing through the middle and occasionally off the left, he was surrounded by players in a flexible system that delivered service to him.

Now, under Solskjær, in his opening three games, it has been evident to see that the Norwegian plans to implement a similar style. The interim manager has said in depth at how Manchester United have to be on the front foot and attacking constantly, which will play into the hands of Sánchez.

It was a year to forget for Sánchez in 2018, but 2019 could be the year of his rebirth. Only time will tell.

Manchester United: Three reasons why Jose Mourinho deserved to get sacked


When Manchester United made the announcement that Jose Mourinho has been relieved of his duties, it did not come up as a huge and total surprise, as the side were failing to pick up consistent victories in the Champions League and most importantly in the Premier League. Also, it had become really obvious that the dressing room were losing their confidence and full faith in the manager.

On top of that, the regular stalemates and defeats in the league left the board and Ed Woodward with no choice but to sack the 56-year-old Portuguese international before the matters on and off the pitch had got worse. The important people in the hierarchy have started to learn when enough is simply enough, something they did not understand during the David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal era.

Here are three important factors to why Jose Mourinho was sacked…

The results in all competition were not consistent enough

For majority of the Manchester United supporters, they started to give up on the manager after they were knocked out by La Liga side, Sevilla, in the Champions League knockout stages of the previous season. Deemed as a one of the easiest sides to face ahead of the fixtures, the former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach treated them as one of the best teams in Europe and chose to nullify the opposition from start till end rather than focusing on his side’s strengths, which led to the awful but expected outcome.

Looking back at his time at Old Trafford as a whole, Mourinho failed to bring the fortress reputation and status to United’s stadium, which it was well known as during Sir Alex Ferguson’s 27 years at the club. Given the amount of success he achieved during his time at Chelsea, Inter Milan, Porto and Real Madrid, he was unable to take the biggest football club in the Premier League back to the pinnacle of English football and allowed many of the lower sides to take a lot of valuable points off the team.

Failed to adapt and adjust to the current style of English football

A lot of the managers that have managed in the top-flight of English football for the last five to ten years are starting to be left behind from the rest, and it’s mainly because of the fact that the style of football is constantly changing but only a small amount of coaches have had the audacity to make tactical tweaks and small changes. In the end, only a few managers have survived over the last few seasons whilst the rest have left.

The main examples are Arsene Wenger in the previous campaign and now recently Jose Mourinho, two well-known managers who were once upon a time controlling and dominating the Premier League for a quite a number of years. However, due to their lack of capability to amend their footballing methods and their style of play, they are now being overtaken by the likes of Jurgen Klopp, Mauricio Pochettino and Pep Guardiola, who are playing football at an aesthetically pleasing level within all competitions.

Constant issues with the dressing room and especially the key players

Now, it’s time to look at the very main reason to why Mourinho was given the sack, which was the bizarre treatment he showed towards his key players whilst the ones that were his favourites were given a free pass to be selected in the starting line-up. Over the last year or so, the way he treated the players in Anthony Martial, Eric Bailly, Luke Shaw and Paul Pogba made no sense at all and it was simply painful to see.

Despite spending a large amount of money since moving to Old Trafford in May 2016, he has constantly relied on the signings that were made by Moyes and Van Gaal rather than the ones he brought to the club. Also, Bailly and Pogba arrived at the club in Mourinho’s first transfer window and had an impressive season under him, yet both individuals have been treated poorly by himself and were given the cold shoulder.

Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t have to leave Tottenham for Manchester United but probably will


Since Jose Mourinho’s sacking earlier in the week there has inevitably been talk of who will permanently be the next manager at Manchester United after caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tenure ends next summer.

Everyone from Zinedine Zidane to Diego Simeone has been thrown in the hat. In Zidane’s case he is currently unattached to any club and after his immense success with Real Madrid could be the number 1 candidate, but not so… that vote of confidence has fallen to Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino. Despite not winning a trophy for the North London club yet Pochettino has turned Spurs into genuine title contenders and changed the mentality of the club. One could argue that pound for pound Tottenham have been the best team in the Premier League for the past two seasons.

Now the Argentinian is being heavily linked to United and it does make sense. He has bags of experience in England, knows the Premier League inside out and his teams play positive attacking football, he’s also a great guy to be around. But the question that arises is do Manchester United need Pochettino more than he needs them?

There is no question that being offered the United job is a fantastic complement, but being offered it 5, 10, 15 years ago would have meant that there was no turning it down. But with time it feels that in 2018 United simply are not the same club anymore. After spending 26 years attached to Sir Alex Ferguson and one manager, the club have gone through 3 in five years. They feel like the also rans, yesterday’s team, perhaps even of an era changing. There is no question that the club will roar back but that could be 10 years or so away from now.

The knee jerk reaction when United or any of the big clubs come calling is to go, but Pochettino is in a unique position because he is already at a fantastic club- all that they are missing of course is the silverware to go with his tenure. Tottenham if the Gods persist will move into their brand new stadium early next year and the future does indeed look bright.

The only problem though could arise from Tottenham’s owner Daniel Levy being tight with the budget. The club have already infamously brought in no new players in the summer- although as it has turned out it hasn’t affected the club like it should have. But it must still be frustrating for the manager especially when he hinted last week that there would be no money to purchase new legs in January.

There is also the stark reminder of their neighbours Arsenal, who, after their big money move from Highbury to the Emirates went years without silverware and saw their best players leave as budgets were cut. Pochettino will have to weigh all of this up, and it could be the main reason he jumps ship. Levy needs to convince him to stay and offer him a decent budget on players for such a Premier League team.

Ultimately it would be unfortunate if he did decide to leave Spurs, because when the dust settles, it is plain to see that he doesn’t really need to leave, glory could be much closer to home than he thinks.