Suso sweetens the International break for AC Milan fans

The International break is normally not something that fans look forward to, but at least this time Milan fans have been given a bit more entertainment thus far, despite the fact that the likes of Cutrone, Higuain and Romagnoli stayed at home. Suso, however, was rightfully called into action. 

After a fantastic start to the season, this was the Spaniard’s chance to prove that his brilliant displays are not only limited to AC Milan and Serie A. Playing from start in Spain’s friendly against Wales, the winger had a hand in all four goals, getting the assist on two of them. In addition to this, he hit the bar with a great curling effort, cutting in on his lethal left foot.

For Gattuso and Milan, the performance of Suso is a great sign ahead of the derby clash with Inter on Sunday, for which the Rossoneri will need their winger in the best of shapes. With many fearing that the International break could have a negative effect, this certainly hasn’t been the case.

Heading into the break with six assists to his name, Suso has now added two more to his tally after just nine games played in the season. Furthermore, five of these have come in the span of just a week, meaning the winger has really hit a great form. With that said, he will play a crucial role for Gattuso’s men in the derby on Sunday evening.

Both Milanese sides struggled to get things going at the beginning, but have picked themselves up just in time for the derby, making it a very interesting and exciting game. With a win, Milan would go on a three-game winning streak in the league for the first time since February 2018, which would certainly prove that they are on the right track.

Up front, the newly-founded partnership between Suso and Higuain will be decisive, to say the least. The Rossoneri’s main problem since Ibrahimovic’s departure in 2012 has been the lack of a clinical finisher. With Higuain, Milan now have just that, while Suso’s ability to deliver the opportunities has excelled the goalscoring.

“When I played for other teams, I’d watch Suso play and admire his quality. His second assist today was fantastic and it’s thanks to my teammates that I get goals,” said Higuain after the win against Chievo.

One could argue that even with the arrival of Higuain, Suso is still the focal point of the Rossoneri’s attack. Without him, the team loses a dimension, even though the alternative Castillejo is improving game by game. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Milan have picked themselves up just as Suso starts to really perform, while you could also say the same about Higuain.

More importantly, however, the Rossoneri have seemingly fought off the mental barriers that they struggled with at the beginning of the season. This has allowed the team to focus on the right things, such as implementing Gattuso’s ideas in the best way possible. Even though all of the players have been strengthened by this, Suso has certainly made the biggest leap in quality.

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