Bernardeschi opens up and Buffon weighs in on Juventus matters


Federico Bernardeschi continues to be one of the most talkative players and his interview to Fashion Illustrated was published yesterday: “I became a man at Juventus, one that tries to learn and improve every day. The passion for football is innate. I was told that I was already chasing after the ball at three, it was love at first sight and I can consider myself lucky now since my job is my greatest passion and enjoyment. I am interested in fashion and music too.”

On his career: “When I was eight, I commuted almost every day to practice in the Empoli’s youth academy. My parents and I made big sacrifices. I saw it as something entertaining, but it was a lot of travel. I joined Fiorentina at ten, then the busses and trains came and I moved to Florence at 16. It was a tough road that strengthened me, but there is not any alternative if you want to become a high-level player. I had to leave my hometown of Carrara. It was worthy since I am at Juventus now.”

“I have sacrificed a lot when it comes to the relationship with my peers, I often did not go out at night because there was a game coming up. They are small ones compared to what other people do, but they are noteworthy at a young age. I was completely focused on my journey, so I did not really care about the rest. My only thought was to achieve my dream.”

“I have the fortune of being in a very ambitious club, one of the best in the world, where it is truly possible to make your dreams become reality, even though you have to push your boundaries every day. We all have big responsibilities.”

On his model: “There are few champions that fascinated me, I was always drawn to class and elegance and to the more inventive players. I have always loved no.10s, especially those who had remarkable human values.”

On the new kit: “We were surprised at first, but I think that is always positive. We got used to it and I have to admit I like it a lot. It is a pleasure to see it on the pitch.”

On his future post-football: “I do not rule anything, I would like to stay in this word in different roles, but I might take other paths since I also have other interests, which is not an obstacle. I will think about it. I certainly want to help the kids.”

Gianluigi Buffon, who is about to become a free agent, talked about his future and some Juventus-related topics in an interview with Corriere dello Sport, revealing that PSG offered him an extension but that he would be a back-up, so he turned in down: “I have received some proposals, but I am relaxing now, I can make a decision in 15 days or 12 months. I am looking for something thrilling that does not clash with my past in black-and-white.”

On Antonio Conte: “It was hurtful to see that some fans wanted to remove his symbolic star at the Stadium because he joined Inter. He gave his whole to Juventus. The professional choices, even if unexpected, do not soil such an intense past. He never betrayed, he is not one that kisses the jerseys, signs up to the project and then complains with the management. His return to Italy is important.”

On Maurizio Sarri: “Juventus wanted a different approach in order to win Champions League, since it is hard to improve the squad.  He represents a completely diverse chapter.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “He did not choose Italy, he picked Juventus, which is a whole different thing.”

On Adrien Rabiot: “He is superb, I think he is a world class player, he has the physicality of Paul Pogba, the personality of Arturo Vidal and the cutting ability of Claudio Marchisio. He can score ten times per year.”

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