Chiellini impressed by De Ligt and Sarri

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini weighed in before and after the exhibition game at Villar Perosa, heaping high praise on Matthijs De Ligt: “He is a very capable guy and certainly I am not the first one to notice that. He was the most coveted defender in Europe and the officials worked very well to get him. He can grow and do well in the next few years. We signed important players that increase the value of the team, but everything goes through sacrifices and daily work. This is our goal now, we finally start to get serious because we are fed up with just friendlies and training sessions. We are the only ones in Europe that start the season so late.”

It was his birthday yesterday: “I turn 35, which is always a nice day to spend here, especially because the newcomers realize the diversity of this team, this family, this business and this global brand. It is something special and I think that coming back here every year brings us back to our origins and keeps us attached to the history of this club. I explain what this pitch and this city means to us to ones who join, Andrea Agnelli does it too. Experiencing this atmosphere means the season is starting.”

On the group: “We are building it, trying to assimilate the requests of the new coach. We have some newcomers and we surely need to get it going. We have ten days to go, Saturday’s friendly (against Triestina, kick-off at 8.30 pm) will be important, then we will get down to business. This team needs to answer the bell like it has always done, then we will have to switch gear. We enjoy this party now, but we must be aware that we have to change the mindset from Saturday on.”

On Maurizio Sarri: “I was impressed by the thoroughness of his approach and in everything he does. He takes it to the top because he is always in search of perfection.”

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