A step-by-step guide to sports betting

When I was a child, my friend’s father used to watch matches daily. His father used to hold his mobile in his hand and would continuously call his friends. Often when he called, he used to become happy. However, there are also times he used to be sad. I didn’t understand at that time what he was doing but now I know that he used to engage in sports betting.

There is no doubt sports betting has evolved. Much of what used to be conducted at casino location and at offline sports betting kiosks, has now converted to online sports betting. Thus, now you can engage in sports betting from the comfort of your home. Keep in mind though that sports betting is not legal in some countries whilst it is completely legal in many other countries. Before you do any sports betting, make sure you consult with a legal team and ask for detailed information about sports betting. 

Always keep in mind that precaution is better than getting in trouble and then trying to find a cure. Simply put, it is better to spend a bit of time on getting the necessary knowledge for the legal aspects to avoid any legal problems.

Having spent a bit of time in the sections above cautioning about the risks of not complying by the laws of your country of residence, let us now turn our attention to the basic principles of sports betting.

Bet on the distribution of money

This method is very simple. You bet on who will be the absolute winner of the match. In case you consider that team C will beat team D, you should bet on the team you expect to win. The key here is to look at the match point distribution. In case Team C has a large distribution of points (-5), it is considered more likely that they will win. In case the distributions are fairly even (-0.5) (+ 0.5), the match is hovering around an even matchup.

Before moving on to the money distribution, first look at the point distribution. In case the point distribution seems too high (-8.5), it is best to bet on it. In case the point distributions are fairly even (-1) (+ 1), go to the money distribution. You will be much more likely to win by covering a tight money distribution. If there is inclement weather, this will also be an important factor for money distributions. Snow, rain, hail, fog, etc. can quickly level the playing field between the two teams and thus level the point distribution. The worse the weather, the result will likely be more random and, therefore, you will have to bet more on the distribution of money. For more details check here: bong118.net.

Bet on totals

Totals are often referred to as “above or below” which is the case when the betting organization gives you a number (9), (4), (10), (175), etc representing the total amount of points that both teams will score together. You must bet on whether the teams together will score above or below this number.

For example, imagine that team L is going to play against team M. The total above or below is 215. You must bet on whether teams L and M will score above or below 215 points together.

Please do take into account different circumstances. In case the superstars of both teams are injured and the one above or below seems high enough, you probably ought to bet below. In case the superstars have been playing great lately, and the over or under seems too low, you could bet on it.

Take the decimal probabilities into account

Next to each point distribution, money distribution, and total (above or below), there is a number in decimal format. Decimal probabilities are almost always written as positive numbers, never negative. For example, imagine that next to the team P point distribution (-8.5) there is a decimal figure of 2,798. Next, imagine you bet 0.1 bitcoins (BTC) on Team P’s point distribution that week on a website. Multiply the bitcoins you bet by the decimal number, and you will get the amount of bitcoins you will win if you bet correctly. For more details refer here: bong118.net

So for this example, 0.1 x 2.798. This is most likely to be rounded to 0.28 bitcoins on most websites. You will earn 0.28 bitcoins if you bet correctly.

It is important to remember that the decimal odds include your initial bet. So, for this example, you will not win 0.28 more than your initial bet, but rather it is already included in the 0.28 bitcoin profit.

Use American probabilities

Next to each decimal figure corresponding to the probabilities is a number either positive or negative in parentheses. If positive, this indicates the amount of money you will win on a standard 100 bitcoin bet. For example, American bets are (+170) for Team X’s money distribution this week. This implies that for every initial bet of 100 bitcoins, 170 bitcoins will be returned to you. In case you bet 0.1 bitcoins initially, 0.17 bitcoins will be returned to you.

The good thing about American odds is that your initial bet is returned to you. So in case you bet 1 bitcoin and receive 2 bitcoins as profit, you will earn 3 bitcoins in total.

In case the number of the American odds is negative, this indicates the amount of bitcoins that you will have to contribute as an initial bet so that 100 bitcoins are returned to you. So, if the odds are (-105), you must contribute at least 105 bitcoins as an initial bet so that 100 bitcoins are returned to you. As many may know by now, Bitcoins are a form of online currency.

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