Juventus Top Perfomers – Round 24 vs Verona

In what often looked like more of a chess match than a football one, Juventus kept it together for about an hour, but then ran out of gas and allowed Verona to get back into the game, to the point that the opponents were more deserving to win thanks as they created more chances in the final stretch.

Federico Chiesa (2 points): he was a trooper in this one, as he served both as a right-back, since none were available in this one, but also did not shy away from attacking. Like the rest of his teammates, he was effective until about midway through the second half, then the chain on that flank came apart and generated the equalizer. Before that, though, he set up Cristiano Ronaldo thanks to a very smart channel run and an even batter square ball for the onrushing teammate. Dejan Kulusevski showed glimpses of his best some with some very powerful and technical sprints that could have easily resulted in clear-cut scoring opportunities if just a little more touch or simply better luck on his dishes.

Federico Bernardeschi was half decent on the left wing, did not make a lot of mistake but also did not shine, while the two central midfielders, Adrien Rabiot and Rodrigo Bentancur, had a rollercoaster of a game, with several misplaced passes in dangerous areas, which did not turn into goals just by chance, but also a couple of interesting forays each. Aaron Ramsey was very active but not particularly sharp as he had more misses than hits on his numerous plays, although he did start the action that led to the goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo (4 points): the Scaligeri rearguard engulfed him pretty well but he managed to sting them anyway taking advantage of a rare opening, leaving the defenders on his tracking by diagnosing the situation in advance, then the finish was quite easy for somebody like him. He clocked in despite a frustrating offensive night and tried to win it on his won also late with a devastating scamper through the middle, but he was tackled before he could fire away.

Wojciech Szczesny: it was not one of flashiest display, but he put his fingertips on two attempts that rattled the woodwork and also came out of the goal like an avalanche to stop a pair of very threatening actions, so his contribution was very meaningful. Matthijs De Ligt was a close second as Verona did not find creases through the middle and Kevin Lasagna was erased from the game. Unfortunately, he can not be everywhere. The third center-back was a topic of discussion heading into the game because of the several absences and it ultimately ended up being the deciding factor, as Alex Sandro, despite a mostly attentive match, got bested in the air by Antonin Barak on the game, showing his flaws in a role where he does not belong. Merih Demiral was rather sloppy and for the most part lost the match-ups on that side.

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