EFL continues to garner rave reviews! Play our fantasy football games!

Over the years, Euro Fantasy League established itself as a preferred destination for Fantasy football managers and that is the praise we take most to heart. On top of that, EFL has also received multiple positive and glowing reviews over the years from multiple sources including fellow football sites and various journalists. We put a great effort into making sure our games appealing to our fantasy managers. Below is a sample of the praise EFL has received since 2013:


“It is important to choose your Fantasy Football vendor wisely also – with one that stands out being Euro Fantasy League. The benefits of this game are there for all to see, and it is geared so that you will need to be strategic in your selections to be successful.” Here’s the link highlighting some of the praise for EFL: http://www.thisisanfield.com/2013/08/which-liverpool-players-will-you-be-picking-in-your-fantasy-football-team/


“As the name suggests, the game brings in players from across the continent also with Ligue 1, La Liga, and Serie A etc all in contention. Most British players will stick with an overwhelming emphasis on Premier League stars, but if you see a starlet in Ligue 1 or Serie A that will win you points, bring him into the dream team. Euro Fantasy League gives you so many more players to choose from, with over 2000 players to run the rule over before you settle on the final squad.” Visit the link to read more: http://soccerlens.com/fantasy-football-tips-201314/114217/


“On paper, Messi’s scoring record during the last two seasons has surpassed that of Ronaldo. It is still hard for many to favor one over the other. Messi tends to rely on his dribbling skills and scoring instincts while Ronaldo seems to be the more physical player relying on his powerful shots and body strength to dismantle opponents. One of the newest football fantasy games EuroFantasyLeague.com (EFL) offers fans of the beautiful game and supporters as well as detractors of both players the opportunity to pick the two stars on their team or perhaps pick one of them and then compare how they fair statistically in a season.”

Here’s the link to check: http://www.adifferentleague.co.uk/p6_0_21526_how-to-resolve-messi-vs-ronaldo-epl-vs-la-liga-debates.html#.Ug78r5K2P5g


“The concept of the game is quite appealing — you get to select a squad from the top five leagues in Europe, so you can assemble a dream team of players from La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Ligue Un and the Bundesliga.” http://worldsoccertalk.com/2013/08/16/eurofantasyleague-com-preview-pick-your-dream-team-from-europes-five-top-leagues/

“If you’re a fan of European soccer, Euro Fantasy League gives the opportunity to challenge your knowledge of the beautiful game by picking the best footballers from the continent. Plus, you can transfer out up to five players each month to make sure your team stays as current as possible in case of injuries or poor form.” http://worldsoccertalk.com/2013/08/12/play-euro-fantasy-league-a-new-soccer-game-with-a-twist/

And don’t forget that our sister site www.fantasyseriea.com has been the most popular Fantasy Serie A site for the past several years. In addition, www.fantasy-liga.com has consistently ranked as the top Fantasy La Liga game. We are proud to have such loyal fantasy football managers who continue to play our Italian and Spanish fantasy football games.

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