Juventus Top Performers – Champions League road game vs Ferencvarosi

Juventus again took the foot off the gas after getting an early lead, but it did no harm this time as Ferencvarosi mustered very little offense overall and literally self-combusted in the second half.

Wojciech Szczeny: nothing really to report the defensive end, as the rearguard held firm when it still matteted, barring a pair of miscues in the second portion of the first half, but the opponents had just one or two borderline dangerous shots. Nobody in the back stood out, so the nod goes to the goalie, who rushed out of the goal in a hurry to shoot the gap on an opponent that had stolen a backwards pass. He did not manage to keep a clean sheet as the Hungarian side scored a random consolation goal late, despite his strong save on the initial attempt, but Frank Boli vacuumed up the tap-in.  Continue reading