Premier League Midfielder Spotlight – Round 3


Continuing the theme of our early-season position spotlights, it is now the turn of all midfielders in the Premier League to get their shot at getting their name on EuroFantasyLeague! There have been a few who have made very impressive starts to the campaign, and some that could prove good value for money as the season progresses.

The biggest hitter of all central stars in the English top flight so far as been Roberto Firmino. The Liverpool star has accrued a whopping 16 points from just his first three starts. These points have amassed thanks to a brace each of goals scored and assists provided, and with his side keeping two clean sheets so far that only helps.

He is valued at 9.50m though, so while he isn’t the most expensive EPL midfielder in the game much consideration should be put into the ponderings on whether or not that price tag can really be justified. It could, after all, buy two high hitting defenders for the same money.

In joint second place we have Paul Pogba, Sadio Mane and Pogba’s team-mate Henrik Mkhitaryan, with 15 each. Of this group, Mkhitaryan is the cheapest – but at 8.50m much of the same argument can be applied to the former Borussia Dortmund man as Firmino.

As far as value for money goes, Watford’s Abdoulaye Doucouré easily represents the wisest spend up until now. He has eight points, and so literally half those of Firmino. However, with a valuation of just 3.50m he is easily less than half the cost, and so surely encapsulates an inspired inclusion.

Southampton star Dusan Tadic isn’t bad either, with seven points so far. That is with a value of 5.50m though, so while he does represent less value than Doucouré it is easy enough to see his points tally shoot up as the season progresses. He is one of the better players at Southampton after all, and so game time really shouldn’t be an issue.

Man United star Jesse Lingard is right behind Tadic in the ranks, with six points and a 3.00m value. That really makes his selection comparable to the aforementioned Hornets star, but with Lingard at the Red Devils as opposed to Watford there would surely be few who could argue his potential for shooting even further up the charts as the campaign continues.

Liverpool’s former Chelsea star Mohamed Salah is actually fifth on the Premier League’s overall list, but at 9.50m valuation and some more settling in to do he may be one to keep an eye on rather than throw into your fantasy squad immediately. That said, he’s certainly enjoyed a bright start to life at Anfield, so the early signs are certainly good.

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