AC Milan’s striker situation: between Andre Silva, Cutrone and Piatek

The upcoming season is fast approaching and AC Milan are currently planning the looks of the squad, acting on several fronts during the young days of the transfer window. However, despite several reports on the matter, one issue seems to be unresolved, with the Rossoneri holding out for a sign. 

The San Siro side’s new manager, Marco Giampaolo, is faced with a tough decision on the striker’s front: which two of Andre Silva, Cutrone and Piatek should remain? For obvious reasons, the latter is safe and sound, while the other two are yet to have their future assured.

Ever since it was revealed that Giampaolo had been appointed manager, various outlets have suggested that the former Sampdoria leader wants to give Andre Silva a second chance at the club, following a loan spell at Sevilla last season. Just like the initial spell with Milan, it started out well, but ended in disappointment.

However, in the manager’s defence, the Portuguese forward checks all the boxes tactically: pace, strength and technique are just three of the many qualities he has. More importantly, those three are essential (especially the latter) in Giampaolo’s style of play. In the 4-3-1-2 system, the two strikers will have to be able to combine with ease, and Andre Silva may very well be of good help to Piatek.

Despite this, Cutrone shouldn’t be ruled out just yet. The youngster is considered as one of the most promising strikers in Italy and was even included in Gazzetta Dello Sport’s most valuable Italian young squad. Compared to the 2017/18 season, when he was the Rossoneri’s top scorer, Cutrone’s numbers dropped significantly last term.

Unlike similar drops in quality from other young strikers, many would argue that Cutrone’s decrease in goalscoring didn’t depend on him, but rather the strikers that were ahead of him in the pecking order. Last season, Higuain played almost every game in the first six months, while Piatek exceeded expectations when arriving in January to kill the Italian’s chances of playing.

So, as mentioned, a tough decision is on the cards. As it seems, Milan haven’t completed made up their mind, and much will depend on the transfer window events. Several teams are interested in both players, though the offers haven’t satisfied the Rossoneri as of yet. Therefore, the best offer could decide who gets to stay at the club next season.

On the other hand, looking at it from a strictly financial point of view, the sale of Cutrone would benefit Milan much more. The youngster came from the youth ranks of the club, and thus the Rossoneri would make an important capital gain on a potential sale (with the rumoured price tag being €25m). Should they decide to sell Andre Silva, though, then they would most likely make a capital loss (as he was bought for €38m).

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