Juventus 1-0 AC Milan: Tops and flops for the Rossoneri

Despite a very positive performance, after a period of disappointment, AC Milan failed to keep a clean sheet away at Juventus on Sunday evening. The Bianconeri managed to clinch all three points in the end, as Dybala came to their rescue.

Pioli’s men put up a good fight despite their recent struggles, which perhaps caught the home side by surprise, who were predicted to win the game with ease. However, after just ten minutes, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be the case. Then again, Juve snatched all points, which is what matters.


Conti: Replacing Calabria in the four-man backline, the former Atalanta did really well throughout the game to prove the fans wrong. In recent weeks, he has received a lot of criticism for his performances, but last night’s display was a nice change. Of course, it’s tough to find the right balance, especially since Hernandez often strides forward, which forces Conti to back down.

However, against the Bianconeri, he was spot on during the entire game, helping Suso on the overlap while also shutting down Ronaldo on the right flank. Should he continue like this, then he will definitely overtake Calabria in the pecking order, fixing the Rossoneri’s problems on the right.

Paqueta: The Brazilian midfielder has also received criticism as of late, although not as much as the full-back. Starting to the right in the three-man midfield, he put in a very mature performance, shifting nicely between defence and attack. Given that the opponent was Juventus, he couldn’t afford to prepare for the counter-attacks as much as he usually does.

As a result of this, he was more inclined to help out at the back before focusing on the attack. This really helped the Rossoneri, who certainly didn’t struggle against the Bianconeri midfield, even when Paqueta played as a holding midfielder in the 4-2-3-1 formation Pioli used in the last 30 minutes. Above all, though, the hard work upped the quality of his overall performance, receiving praise after the game.


Piatek: It’s certainly tough to name flops for this game, as all of the Milan players were at least average. However, thinking about it, we can safely say that the Polish striker could have done better. In particular, he had a great chance to give his side the lead after just 17 minutes, as he met Suso’s cross with his head.

However, he failed to hit the target, which pretty much summed up his current form. Then again, he also did a lot of good things for his teammates, making several runs to trouble the Juventus defence. Furthermore, he was a lot better in the aerial duels this time out, although his finishing still needs improving.

Romagnoli: Just like Piatek, the captain wasn’t poor throughout the game but rather fell because of one incident: Dybala’s winner. The defender was completely wrong-footed by the Argentine, who created some space for himself to score the winner with his right foot.

Perhaps Romagnoli expected a left-footed effort, but that still isn’t an excuse for his mistake. At the end of the day, it cost Milan the game, although we must praise Dybala for his technical ability. Based on the overall defensive performance, though, it’s a big sign of improvement.

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