How can football clubs make use of evolving technology to keep fans engaged?

Are you a football fan? If you are, do you not wish to be able to interact more closely with your favorite club and players? This is exactly what sports teams are now trying to do and sure for the hardcore fans of the game. The ideal and perhaps the best way to make it possible is to leverage new technologies. Football teams and leagues are now investing in creating a personalized experience for their fans.

How can new innovative technologies improve fan engagement?

1- If you can tap into the continuously-evolving digital technology world you can also focus on interacting with your fans and followers on social media, while placing emphasis on devices that your fans have access to, even inside stadiums.

For example, in the September 2018 New York Giants vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game, fans for the first time could place in-game bets online using a mobile betting app. When you do allow fans to enjoy real-time statistical updates, leader board views, data visualization and betting freedom, you can give them an out-of-the-world experience.

2- Football is getting into blockchain technology in a gradual manner, which is also used to engage modern fans. Various football clubs are working to bring their supporters closer through blockchain platforms. In addition, there are a few elite level football players who are into bitcoin trading and earning good returns.

The recent inventions like bitcoin loophole help traders to trade bitcoin autonomously without having to invest much time and energy. On the other side, the clubs are into launching their own cryptocurrency which the fans can use to buy tickets and other merchandise. The clubs are also signing new players using bitcoin and also paying them in bitcoins.

3- The truth is that sports fans are perhaps more loyal than any other fans and they remain quite dedicated to their teams. Thus, they would definitely appreciate it when their loyalty is rewarded. This explains why using evolving technologies is likely to offer an important opportunity to better manage your relationship with the fans. Community tools including apps and sites make it much simpler for fans to get vital information, whether it is the start time for any upcoming game or the beverage and snack options inside a stadium. With chat bots you can guide fans through any such app or website and address their queries faster.

4- With GPS-powered devices, you can offer rewards or send offers to your fans in a specific region. When there are loyalty programs for the most passionate fans, they are given an incentive to attend more games in the future. Implementing such loyalty programs is easy these days via sites and mobile apps. So, using any of these technologies can make your fans’ experiences better and more satisfying. It promotes a closer relationship between the team and its fans.

5- In the sports industry, social media has played a pivotal role. The athletes as well as the teams are visible on social media and known to market team-based content while an event is going on or afterwards.

For instance, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc stream highlights of popular games, and for the die-hard fans, this can be a huge bonus. Besides posting videos, teams and players can post polls, allow fans to interact with them through live videos and posts, and answer in-game questions from fans.

With live streaming fans, can enjoy an even better experience because they can get a view of the games and event experiences. It is also possible to create content highlighting the strengths of the team off-field. This turns them into something more real before their fans and the latter will be prepared to spend more money to see these players play. For instance, NHL entered into a partnership with Snapchat to offer an incredible fan experience.

6- Finally, teams are using augmented reality or AR and virtual reality or VR technologies to produce novel experiences for their fans; the fans can now sit on the couch and enjoy a front seat view. The fans can even feel more important and much appreciated as they are allowed to be a part of the games. Smart stadiums are now a big draw as these offer a great fan experience by offering live updates on statistics, directing fans to the stadium, and other useful content to boost the in-game experience.

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