The math of football & sports betting

Everyone loves a good competition between two football teams, but the thrill takes on a different meaning when you have your money riding on the game. Even experienced bettors will tell you that sports betting is not so much about winning as it is about the excitement of the bet. However, winning some extra cash with that never hurt anyone and a bit of math will only help you in your bets.

Understanding the basics

If you have even a cursory understanding of placing bets, then you’re aware of the idea of odds as this is what allows betting houses to make money. These odds fluctuate based on multiple reasons. Smaller odds highlight that the team is expected to win the game. Betting houses make a lot of money on people who play parlays which are quite hard to win even though they pay handsomely to those who do.

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There are many games that have the same odds which pay less than 2:1. This means that regardless of the result, the betting parlors are going to make money. All that they have to do is to even the amount that is placed on both teams to ensure big profits. Mathematics does have practical significance for those who are looking to make money by betting.

Comparing sports betting with casino games

Whether you decide to bet on sports or casino games will depend on not only your level of skill but also your love for sports/casino games. You could opt to gamble on some of the top gaming titles developed by top-notch developers such as Microgaming whose payout rates do not fluctuate much. With the help of statistics, you will be able to understand better how to look for slots with lower house edge and high RTPs.

Those who opt for sports betting too will have to dedicate some time to go through the stats and spreads to understand where they stand a chance to gain. Once you’ve picked your platform, it is your mathematical brain that should take over.


It is no secret that beating the house is close to impossible so it is better to stick to games that have a low house edge. Betting on single games after a mathematical study of them should significantly improve one’s chances of success even though one has to play a lot of games to make good money.

Furthermore, managing one’s account and allocating money for each day, week, and month will also improve your chances of success in the long-run. This advice applies to both sports wagering as well as casino games. Success does take practiced discipline and even if your fortunes don’t change overnight, you can still do enough to keep yourself well entertained and win at regular intervals.


Those who are inclined towards sports have an advantage in sports wagering for their keen insight will help them greatly to spot the changing values and moments in the game. Getting thoroughly educated about the statistical side of things as well as how parlors and casinos shift odds will be crucial in solidifying one’s position.

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