Strategies to improve your Football Bets

Like other gambling methods, betting on football requires you to use strategies to increase your chances of winning. However, these plans tend to be quite numerous. Thus, you might find it challenging to choose which strategy to use. Before we start going through the strategies to improve your chances of winning, there is one more thing to keep in mind and that is that people can engage in betting on digital sports

Consider using these four strategies to help improve your chances of winning from your football bets:

Three-Way Moneyline

Using the three-way moneyline betting strategy tends to involve one of three options. In contrast, the standard moneyline bet may only make you choose between two options.

In a three-way moneyline bet, you can gamble on either Team A or Team B to win. But, you may also choose the match to end in a tie. Many football betters choose either Team A or Team B to win in a three-way moneyline bet. However, draws or ties in football tend to be quite common, so voting on a particular match to end in a stalemate is also a viable option.

Note that three-way moneyline betting isn’t only on football bets. You may also find it on CSGO match betting, wherein you choose which eSport team to win. Otherwise, you may call the match to end in a draw. Betting on eSports might also be a good practice to use this particular strategy, especially if you fancy betting on digital sports than physical activities.

Double Chance

The double chance betting strategy may help you win bets by allowing you to gamble on two out of the three potential results on a specific match.

This strategy works by letting you combine two outcomes in one bet. You can choose between:

  • Home or Draw: You win once the home team wins or the match ends in a tie.

  • Home or Away: You win regardless if the Home or Away team is the winner.

  • Away or Draw: You win if the Away team defeats the Home team, or if the match ends in a draw.

Several advantages are in store for football gamblers who use the double chance strategy. First, you take advantage of an increased chance of taking home winning bets since you’re betting on two potential outcomes instead of one. You can also bet for the underdog to win if you’re expecting an upset to happen within the match.


Another strategy to help you beat the odds in football betting is the handicap bet. Note that not every bookmaker might allow you to take advantage of this type of bet. Hence, you need to research first if you want to use this particular strategy. Nonetheless, the handicap bet, or the ‘single handicap’ or ‘three-way handicap’ bet, allows football gamblers to place a handicap on the Away team or outsider. In turn, it makes it tougher for the favourite team to win the gamble.

It might sound confusing, but here’s a brief example to help you know how it works. For instance, the Home team seems to have a 100% chance of winning against the Away team. So, you set a handicap for the Away team with a specific number of goals, which tends to be about three or four. Then, the Home team needs to overcome this handicap to be the winner of the bet.

Some betters tend to take advantage of this particular gambling strategy as it might make matches more interesting, yet more challenging than usual to predict.


As you’re learning how to bet on football matches, you might encounter a relatively common betting strategy called hedging or hedge betting.

Think of hedging as a form of insurance. In other words, you’re not going to come out emptyhanded regardless of the match’s outcome. Use this strategy if you want to play it safe.

So, how does hedging work?  For example, you placed a $100 wager on Team A to win the match. Also, it seems that this team has odds of 12.00. Now, Team A makes it to the finals, where they’ll be facing off with Team B. At this point, your chosen bookmaker shows you that Team A has 2.60 odds of winning, while Team B has 1.50. If you bet on Team A and that group wins, you’ll make a profit of $1,000. But, if Team B wins, you’ll lose the $100 bet.

However, if you hedge your bet and decide to cover yourself, you’ll still pocket some cash even if Team B wins. Perhaps, you decided to cover your potential losses by placing a $500 bet on Team B to win. If so, the bet wins with $750, and you can make a profit of $150.


The hedging, three-way moneyline, handicap, and double chance strategies are four of the many ways you can gamble in various football games. Remember to take as much time as possible to plan your bets. Otherwise, betting based on emotion than thought might result in frustrating losses.

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