What muscles to strengthen to become a better football player?

In order to become a better football player, it is not enough to improve the technique and combinations of the game alone. This is also greatly influenced by the athletes’ physical fitness. The better are targeted workouts for body strengthening, the better are the results on the football field. So, what muscles need to be strengthened in order you could become a better football player?

Leg strengthening is extremely important

It should come as no surprise, after all, that the legs are probably the most stressful part of the body when playing football. So, having weak leg muscles will not be able to run around the field. You may do squats using weights. Just be careful as improper exercise can negatively affect your knee joints. Running with weights is also very useful. This is how almost all the leg muscles including the glutes, hamstrings, and squads, work. Stretching exercises using elastic bands can also be a big help for those who want to see the results as soon as possible.

Hip muscles: improving mobility and avoiding injuries

If we had to rank body muscles from those that are the most important in playing football, hip muscles would get second place. Strengthening hip muscles is important for increasing stability and flexibility, so you can avoid injuries as well as move with ease. These muscles are seemingly imperceptible, that is why they are often forgotten to be included in the training plan. Then, as a result, having weak hip muscles may cause injuries that may take more than a month to heal. When looking for suitable exercises to strengthen the hip muscles, note that those exercises have to include strengthening of the gluteus maximus as well as the gluteus medius muscles (the main extensor muscle and the main muscle on the side of the hip).

What is the role of abdominal muscles?

Strengthening your leg muscles alone will not help you to become a better footballer. This requires training the whole body and abdominal muscles are no exception. The question may be – why is it necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles to become a better football player? Those who think that the six-pack is only for aesthetics are wrong. Actually, abdominal muscles play a big role when running or strengthening your kick. You may make your abdominal muscles stronger by doing bridge, crunches, “mountain climber” and other exercises.

Increase the strength of your upper body

Just as it is important to strengthen abdominal muscles, it is also important to invest time and increase upper body strength. Various techniques can be used for this: weight lifting, balance exercises, stretching exercises using rubber, and so on. One of the most rewarding exercises that work a large portion of your back muscles is pull-ups. If you want to strengthen your upper body in a faster way, use these exercise bands for pull-ups. This way, your body will adapt to the load faster and after a few series of pull-ups during your workout will be done without much effort.

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