Szczesny underlines importance of Napoli game and praises Sarri

Wojciech Szczesny addressed the Napoli clash in an interview with Sky Sport: “We have to face them twice and it does not matter where it falls on the schedule, it is a must-win game. Napoli bothered us in the last couple of years, we are looking forward to the match.”

On Maurizio Sarri: “His Napoli played well, now I can see that you have to work a lot under him and everything is pretty draining. I have been impressed by his impact on the squad. We practice a lot more with the ball, we also defend differently, with a high offside trap in order to press better. He insists a lot on the tactic. We had a lot of fun in the pre-season.”

On the coach’s absence: “We did not have any particular trouble, we are a mature team. He has an excellent staff that can managed the group, even though obviously if would have been better with him at the helm.”

On Saturday’s match: “It will be hard-fought, head-to-head clashes are difficult, but we often come out on top. We hope to do that again.”

On Gonzalo Higuain: “I found him well, he was aggressive during the friendlies. He is back to being his old self. I think he will score a lot.”

On Paulo Dybala: “He is fine, you all saw his gem against Triestina. Many players have to fight for the starting job  now.”

On the other contenders: “Few of them got better, winning will be more difficult. There were several coaching chances too. Besides Inter and Napoli, also Roma and Lazio improved. The title race will be more balanced but if we work like last season we will have a position result.”

On Champions League: “Matthijs De Ligt and Cristiano Ronaldo can not eliminate us any more, so we have more chances. We are not thinking about it right now, we will see when the opponents will be set. We are focusing on Napoli.”

On his growth in Turin: “I have won more trophies and that matters. You make fewer mistakes when you mature.”

On Gianluigi Buffon: “It is a nice situation, I had Alisson as my back-up, who is the strongest in the world, and now him, who is the best in history. I learned a lot in a year under his wing, the way he practices and his impact in the locker room are incredible. Our friendship has not changed, the only difference is that I am the starter now, but I think he will get to play a lot too. I do not think I will be able to play until I am 40, I am already struggling now, while he looks like one of the younger ones.”

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