Is it a two-horse race for the Golden Boot?


As the heat is turned up on the remaining nations to deliver and end their World Cup campaign successfully (or at least heroically), so to the race for the Golden Boot continues to get interesting. James Rodriguez won the award at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but was absent from the pitch as Colombia exited the tournament in the last-16 this time around at the hands of England by way of a penalty shootout. Three Lions frontman Harry Kane loves getting goals of course, and sits atop the goalscoring charts ahead of the quarter-finals getting under way. It is therefore now time to ask: is the race for this year’s Golden Boot now a two-horse race?

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World Cup Golden Boot: How Things Are Shaping Up


The Russia World Cup this summer has, of course, created excitement and enthusiasm the whole world over just as any major international tournament does. However, with every tournament there seems to be almost as much excitement about which player can score the most goals – ie earning himself the coveted Golden Boot award – as there is about the overall winner. Taking a look historically, anywhere between 5-9 goals is usually enough to be awarded the trophy – only three times since the first ever World Cup in 1930 has a player hit double figures. The first to do so was Sandor Kocsis of Hungary in 1954 (11 goals), before France star Just Fontaine did so at the next tournament (13 goals in 1958) and finally Gerd Muller of Germany in 1970 (10 goals).

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La Bota de Oro más reñida


Este año, la Bota de Oro es un trofeo más codiciado que nunca. ¿Por qué? Porque hay un puñado de jugadores que se lo disputan con un margen muy ajustado. A día de hoy, puede ganarlo cualquiera. De modo que quizá nos llevemos una sorpresa al no recaer en los habituales.

De momento, una de las sorpresas más llamativas es que Ronaldo no está entre los 10 primeros. Los motivos se resumen en su lesión de principio de temporada y en que el Madrid tiene 2 partidos de Liga aplazados. Aunque eso no le exime de su rendimiento menos goleador de lo habitual ni de estar al nivel de otros delanteros que vienen pisando fuerte.

1º) Messi, Higuaín y Dzeko (38 puntos)

Hay 3 jugadores empatados en el primer puesto. Todos ellos llevan 19 goles en sus respectivos campeonatos nacionales. Leo sigue con su habitual registro y ha anotado 10 goles en los últimos 9 partidos. El Pipita vuelve a presionar en su debut estelar con la Juve. Mientras que Dzeko se cuela entre los mejores goleadores de Europa.

4º) Cavani (37,5)

Es el máximo goleador de Europa con 25 goles. El problema es que la Liga francesa tiene un promedio menor de 1,5. Por eso está en cuarta posición y no escapado en la cabeza. No obstante, está a un gol de ser el ganador y de manera individual. El uruguayo puede soñar con el galardón.

5º) Luis Suárez (36)

La semana pasada era el líder, pero en una jornada sin marcar ha bajado varios puestos. Esto refuerza la idea de competitividad e igualdad. El charrúa es el vigente campeón y ya tiene dos Botas de Oro en su haber. Pero este año quiere revalidar la distinción.

6º) Aubameyang, Alexis Sánchez, Bas Dost, Andrea Belotti, Anthony Modeste (34)

Hay un quíntuple empate en la sexta posición. Además, con un abanico de ligas: alemana, inglesa, portuguesa e italiana. Y cabe recordar que están a solo 2 goles de la cabeza.

World Cup 2014 – The Race for the Golden Boot

With the World Cup now moving into it’s secondary stages and the last 16 phase having already started, we are well on the way to determining the new world champions following reigning champs Spain’s early exit. Fantasy managers will have used the recent transfer window to move eliminated players out and bring in the stars that remain, and with that in mind we will now be taking a look at one of the biggest races of the summer – the race for the Golden Boot.

This one is always a bit of a tasty one to look at, because there are several considerations to take into account – not only which strikers are lethal in front of the net, but which ones feature for a nation that one could reasonably expect to go the farthest – in other words, ideally, the final. These two considerations do not always go alongside one another, as a hattrick in the early stages can easily push a player ahead of one who appears in the final – but, generally, a lethal striker playing for one of the favourites should serve our fantasy managers well.

At the time of writing, Argentinian Lionel Messi and Germany star Thomas Müller are doing well in the ranks with four goals from three games each, but one of the stars of the tournament thus far, Neymar – who turns out for host nation Brazil – has four of his own, and the trend here is that the top three play for sides that you could see winning the cup – and indeed teams who have triumphed before.

Colombian midfielder James Rodríguez put in a star turn in the showing against Uruguay, and the South Americans have surpassed all expectations by reaching the quarter-finals for the first time in their history at the expense of their continental rivals, who won their first two personal World Cups in 1930 (the first ever) and 1950.

Rodriguez himself showed the world just why Monaco forked out €45.00m with a brace, taking his tally to five from four games – top of the pops so far. While one may fancy Rodriguez to score in any game in which he features at the moment – his first against Uruguay was a sure contender for goal of the tournament, quite an achievement in itself given the number of top notch screamers we’ve seen in Brazil so far – it seems to be a question of how long Costa Rica can defy the odds. They face host nation Brazil on 4th July, and that is as tough a task as they are likely to face – Brazil on their own soil. Rodriguez might grab a goal or even two, but if the likes of Argentina and Germany can keep their own runs up surely Messi or Müller will still prove the better bets in the long term.

Brazil’s appearance in the final seems to be written in the stars at this stage, however, so of all prospects perhaps opt for Neymar if you haven’t done so already – the Barcelona star is top quality, and has surely earned the right to be mentioned in discussions alongside the likes of club team-mate Messi when it comes to the world’s elite.

If our fantasy managers are feeling particularly cheeky and are able to find a way to raise the funds, perhaps a two-man strikeforce including two of these three top scorers (Messi, Müller, Neymar) could be the difference between winning our fantasy tournament or ending with a runners-up medal at best.