Best La Liga Defenders so far this season

Victor Ruiz of Villarreal

A look at this list makes one realize why Villarreal are doing so well in La Liga this season. The Yellow Submarines, placed fourth in the league table, have the meanest defence in the league and that very well reflects on our list. The top three spots on our list are occupied by the players of Villarreal.

While La Liga takes a winter break, let’s have a look at the top five defenders in La Liga so far.

Jaume Costa of Villarreal occupies the top spot on our list. The Spaniard left-back comes at a comparatively cheap price of 6.5m and has already accumulated 35 points. He has kept seven clean sheets, scored one goal and provide one assist this season. He has a Performance/Price (P/P) value of 6.2. At the moment, it makes no sense not to have this player on your team. Same can be said about the next two players on our list.

Costa’s teammate, Mario Gaspar Perez is the next name on our list. The right-back, a product of Villarreal’s youth academy, is not far behind at 31 points. He is available at a slightly higher price of 7.5m. The 26-year-old also has a lower Performance/Price (P/P) value of 4.8. He has contributed in seven clean sheets this season. However, unlike Costa, he is yet to contribute in terms of goals and assist this season.

Victor Ruiz has been ever-present in Villarreal’s central defence this season. His points tally stand equal to that of Perez’s at 31. However, the most attractive feature about the 27-year-old is his price of 5m. Due to his low price, he boasts of the best P/P value in our list at 7.2. Like the first two names, he has also been involved in seven clean sheets this season. If you are planning to buy any of Villarreal’s defenders, you might consider waiting for one more game week as the Yellow Submarines are set to host Barcelona in their next game.

Atletico Madrid’s Diego Godin is the next defender on our list. The Uruguayan, considered as one of the best defenders in the world, has amassed 30 points so far this season. However, his hefty price of 10m makes it harder for anyone to keep him in his or her team. He has kept seven clean sheets and has also scored one goal this season.

We finish our list with Gerard Pique of Barcelona in the number five spot. The Spain international’s points tally stands at 28 points. However, like Godin, his price of 9.5m makes him a slightly less attractive proposition. He has managed five clean sheets out of 12 starts this season and has also contributed with two goals.

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